In Turkey 2 Houses Sell Per Minute

Turkey Has Sold 2 Housing Units Per Minute In General

The Turkish Government Ministry of Housing states, throughout Turkey housing sales has approached 1 million since the beginning of January. Accordingly for the first 10 months the numbers average out to, 3 thousand 90 per daily, 129 per hour, and 2 housing units per minute, that were sold.

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The 10-month period this year was very fruitful in terms of housing sales. Increasing diversity with large real estate projects for the Residential Sector, who want to be the host and offer new opportunities for investors. New Real Estate projects have a positive impact on sales. Thus, the first 10 months of this year the number of residential units sold were 932 thousand and 926.

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Housing Sector Locomotive Is Antalya For Foreigners

Turkey majority of sales to foreigner buyers in general were carried out in 3 major cities. Antalya, Aydin and Istanbul has sold in the first 10 months of the year 51 thousand 201 housings. In other words, 37 percent of home sales occurred in three major cities. In terms of home sales in Antalya the most active districts being Kepez, Muratpasa, Konyaalti and Aksu were among the popular areas for villa and apartment residential preference. In January-October period the number of housing sold in Antalya were 29 thousand 190. 1 out of every 5 units sold are changed hands in Antalya. Istanbul with 15 thousand 336 home sales followed. Aydin, 6 thousand 675 home sales took 3rd place in this area. The minimum residential sales occurred in Ardahan. Home sales in the city was limited to 120. Other housing sales is the lowest number of provinces and sales, respectively, 169 and 278 residential housing Hakkari, Bayburt.

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Such An Increase In Demand For Real Estate

Turkish Property World said in a statement to reporters that "about the market saw a 20 percent increase in real estate prices". Stating that it should not continue to rise in price, "the price has arrived at the point where it is at a reasonable level for today. But it was said, increase in costs has affect the price increase.

The last year's the end of the housing sales figures states that, they anticipate that price increase will come on a bit, "but no more important than the investments thus both will have a return on rent, as well as providing earnings due to the increase in value of 20-25 percent annually. "But despite everything, the demand also comes in as an increase" for the assessment found, was added.