Istanbul Rent Fraud

Turkey Rental Home Seekers Attention! A Story Of Istanbul Fraud Like A Movie



A young woman who has been searching for a rental house on the Internet for months has seen an ad that fits her exact budget in the location she wants. The price of their counterparts was almost double, he thought it was an unmissable opportunity and immediately called the ad owner, but there were so many people looking for the house that he was lined up to see if it was a tenant that met the criteria. Luck laughed in his face, and now he was going to live in the apartment that he wanted so much. Without any hesitation, he paid the rent as a deposit, but the ad owner disappeared after that day. Here is a story of fraud like a movie for you…

T.B. a 34 year old living in Istanbul has been looking for a Turkey rental house for about a month. The apartments he had seen up to that day either exceeded his budget or the interior of the apartment did not meet the criteria he wanted. Until he saw that ad... he saw an ad for a clean apartment that fits his budget exactly in the location he wanted on one of the most famous real estate sites in Turkey. jul.

The price of a 2+1 apartment on a small site with a tiny pool and a gym was 4,000 TL. He studied the photos of the apartment, which, according to his peers, was quite good both in terms of location and price, and in no time called the owner of the ad.

The person who came across him on the phone was a very polite gentleman. T.B. said that either he was the landlord himself, that they had had problems with the previous tenant, that they just wanted to give the house to trusted people. Since many people called him about the apartment, the conversation ended here, but they continued to correspond on whatsapp. The young man who owns the house wrote that he actually lives in Izmir, his mother lives in this house until today, but his mother passed away 1 month ago. He said that he would rent the house to someone he could trust very quickly and return to Izmir.

T.B. he liked the house very much and thought that the owner was a very decent person. He decided to keep the house, when he called the owner of the ad to say that he wanted to rent the apartment, the man said sadly that they had agreed with a doctor and that he had taken the kapora. T.B. he was very upset, but he ended the meeting by saying 'Let there be health'.

T.B. about half an hour after this conversation, he received a voice message from the same person and got excited without even listening to the message. The owner of the ad stated that the doctor who said he rented the house in the previous message told him that he would stay in the house alone, but after depositing the deposit, the health worker said that he would share the house with 2 friends, this is a family apartment and they would not allow it, so he stopped renting the house to him and returned the deposit. He didn't even neglect to say, ”In fact, we're surprised who we can trust anymore, ma'am." He reported that the ad is still on the air because he stopped giving that person the Istanbul house.

T.B. he was so glad that he came to the front of the apartment again that he was upset that he missed it, and this time he called the guy right away to make sure that he didn't miss it early and said that he wanted to rent the apartment in Istanbul and deposited 4,000 TL, which was a rental fee, into the IBAN number he gave him without any question, and they contracted to see the house in person for two days afterwards.

T.B. who called the owner of the ad the next day before he went to see the house in Istanbul couldn't get through because the other party's phone was turned off. He called again 5 minutes dec, saying that he was in a place that didn't attract, but unfortunately it was closed again. And when he called an hour later, the phone rang. He was just about to take a deep breath when the phone went off in his face. That's when a wolf fell into it and thought that he might have been scammed.

“I haven't been able to reach you for two days, I paid my first rent for the house, but you took my money and disappeared. I will go to the prosecutor's office tomorrow and file a complaint, and then I will file a lawsuit against you,” he wrote. after 4 minutes, the answer came. “I think you threw it the wrong way, what house...”

“All our correspondence, record audio, your bank details and the money that is invested got the memo, or my money back refund or you can tell the DA what is your house” and immediately clung to the phone, but what message reached the other side, nor answer the phone. And when he tried again, the operator said that this phone number was no longer used.

Yes, it was a professional fraudster who posted the ad, T.B. and he is just one of the hundreds of victims who were scammed for the sake of the apartment he dreamed of…

We don't know how many people were scammed that day, but T.B. as he said the next day, he applied to the prosecutor's office along with all the evidence he had (whatsapp correspondence, posted ad, audio recording, bank statements).

T.B. according to the research conducted by the lawyer of the bank, the owner of the bank account where the money was deposited is not the fraudster himself. It turns out that the owner of this account is also one of the victims of this scam. The IBAN number Kapora gave to the people she wanted is a foreign national and this person's account has been hacked. That is why he is able to commit these crimes so fearlessly.

Rental home seekers attention! Do not fall into the trap of scammers.The late woman, who has been looking for a house for rent on the Internet for months, saw an ad in her desired location that fits her exact budget. The price of their counterparts was almost double, he thought it was an unmissable opportunity and immediately called the ad owner, but there were so many people looking for the house that he was lined up to see if it was a tenant that met the criteria. Luck laughed in his face, and now he was going to live in the apartment that he wanted so much. Without any hesitation, he paid the rent as a deposit, but the ad owner disappeared after that day. Here is a story of fraud like a movie for you.

All right, T.B. what should we do when we are exposed to a fraud incident like the one experienced by ? Can our correspondence, bank statements be used as evidence? What do the experts say?


Fraud is defined in Article 157 of the Turkish Criminal Code. In the article "A person who deceives a person with fraudulent behavior and benefits him or someone else to the detriment of him or her shall be sentenced to imprisonment from one to five years and a judicial fine of up to five thousand days. Turkey iResidence, who said that it was organized in the form of “It is indisputable that people who provide him with monetary benefits through an unreal sale / rental ad posted on the website have committed a fraud crime. The fact that this crime was committed using an information system and a bank is an element that increases the punishment." said.


So what was to be done when such a fraud was encountered?

Turkey iResidence emphasized that people who are scammed in this way should file a criminal complaint immediately as soon as they understand that they have been scammed, “Otherwise, it will not be possible to return the money sent due to the fact that the scammers have been reached and even if they have been reached, the money sent is not in the account. Since fraudsters do not use real names on the website, the contact phone number and the account to which the money was sent must be specified in the criminal complaint, as well as the receipt must be added. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to get to the scammers. In addition, blocking the account must be requested in the criminal complaint. Otherwise, the refund of the money in the account will not be possible even if the fraudsters are caught." he used his statements and added:

“The prosecutor's office conducts the necessary investigative actions about fraudsters, primarily blocking the account, a decision on detention. The investigation conducted by the prosecutor's office ends positively, and if fraudsters are identified, an indictment will be filed against them. If fraudsters have money in their accounts, this money will be confiscated. Upon request, the confiscated money will be returned to the scammers. After the identity of the fraudsters is established during the criminal proceedings, the scammer can file a claim for compensation to cover their losses through a civil trial. It is also possible to cover the damage by enforcement proceedings and compensation proceedings in civil proceedings.”


Made in fraud of real estate on the sites of internet sites who tells you that a liability has Turkey iResidence, “the law in their service offerings provided by real and legal persons who use electronic media tool for service providers to control the content that is the content and the subject of an unlawful activity or content or goods in connection with the service is not obliged to investigate whether a case is settled. However, in our opinion, this provision of the law should change. Because people easily believe and suffer losses on the other side because of the trust that these sites inspire.”


Offering suggestions to people who are going to rent a house so that they do not fall into the trap of fraudsters, Turkey iResidence primarily drew attention to the issue of price.

“If there is an out-of-normal price in the ads, people should be much more cautious. When they are going to buy or rent a house, they should prefer to work with a corporate firm. One of the most important details is that it should never be sent to the door without contacting the owner and without a written confirmation. Paying attention to them, the probability of being scammed is almost reset.”


Stating that there have been a lot of fake realtors lately, Turkey iResidence emphasized that a person who does not have a certificate of authorization should not be called a realtor and said, “realtors who do not have a certificate of authorization should definitely not be worked with. Anyone who says that he is a realtor and is engaged in the sale / rental of real estate must show his authorization document. According to the regulation, Internet sites have to share these document numbers. But some of them write, and some, unfortunately, do not." said.