Turkey Location Guide: Kas

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Kas Marina and Beach Resort is Located 185 Km Drive from Antalya, Turkey

The Kemer region of Turkey could well be the most deserving choice for your summer vacation travel plans. Treat yourself with a vacation in the lands of unparalleled beauty, historical charm and cultural richness.

Kas is built around the remnants of the ancient Antiphellos and surrounded by lofty, rugged cliffs. From a little port, it has prospered to an important tourist attraction and the second major resort of the region. It has a rocky coastline, which provides unhindered access to the gleaming waters of Mediterranean.

Bestowed with contradicting aspects like sea and mountain, modern buildings and ancient ruins, this small resort exudes a special charm, which also comes from its easy-going, laid-back ambience. If you want to experience the vintage charm nestled in the corner of nature, come to Kas. The place is unique in itself.

Turkey Tourism, Marinas and Government Investment Kas

  • Demre airport --2015
  • Demre marina 500 boats + ferry terminal to north Cyprus --2014
  • World event 'The Americas Cup' --2013
  • Kas marina 650 boats --2012
  • Finike marina 350 boats

History of Kas

Kas is a small port, which is located at the southern tip of Lycia in the province of Antalya. In the ancient times of Lycia, Kas was originally called Habesos and was later renamed as Antiphellos. This small port town was once an unspoiled fishing village and boasts of one of the oldest settlements of Lycia. The ancient harbor of the town is protected by a breakwater and Kas serves as the port for Phellos and Pinarbesi hinterland. Just across the water on the south lies the easternmost Greek island of Kastellorizo (Megisti).

Kas attractions

Due to its historical backdrop, the small town of Kas boasts of quite a few ancient treasures. Just in the center of Kas, there lies a Lycian Sarcophagus. On the west lies a well-preserved amphitheater of the Hellenistic period, which is still in use. The monumental lion’s tomb with its magnificent 4th century BC sculpted carvings is a feast the eye. There are a number of Lycian rock tombs in and around the town, particularly in the Northwest and the relics of the ancient town walls near the shore.

Kas does not lag behind in natural treasures and boasts of the best pebbly beaches like Kucukcakil, Buyuk Cakil, Akca germe, etc. The beach of Limangazi, which can be reached by a boat, is beautiful and serene. This beach is surrounded by a tiny cove with Olive trees. You will also be mesmerized by the unperturbed beauty of nature in the small beach of Kaputan, which lies below 192 rocky steps from the road level.

Among the nearby attractions of Kas, Kekova is a well-known tourist spot. Kekova is the coastline amidst Kas and Kale and is interposed with no less than 17 historic sites - many of whose historical names are not yet known. Some conspicuous remnants include primeval farmsteads, Lycian fortresses, fortified settlements, etc.

There are also the remains of a mysterious civilization around Kekova Island, which lies just beneath the water surface and can be viewed from glass-bottomed boats.

Elmali is another picturesque spot, which lies at an altitude of 3,936ft in the Tauras Mountain. Surrounded by the cedar and pine forests, the region of Elmali Ovasi boasts of several villages, which house the ancient wood grain stores. The region is also known for its archaeological treasures.

A 13th century shipwreck that has been discovered in the south of Kas is a major tourist attraction. Turkish and American undersea archaeologists discovered it in 1984 and found priceless bronze relics in the ship.

Simena is a place that lies on the eastern peninsula of Tristomas Bay and it is primarily famous for its medieval castle that overlooks the tiny hamlet of Kaleucagiz. The base of the castle is built on an ancient citadel.

Other attractions include the town of Andriake (where river Andrekos meets the plane of Kale), port town of Finike (dotted with beautiful beaches), Myra / Kale, etc.

Activities in Kas

There are literally abundant activities, which you can pursue in Kas. If you are a bit of the adventurous type, then you can trek the mountain to visit the cliff tombs or take boat trips to not-so-far Ucagiz and Kalekoy (blue cave). You can also avail the trip on the glass-bottomed boats to view the sunken cities around the Kekova Island. Arrangements can also be made for trips to archaeological sites of Demre, Myra and Xanthos.

If you want some time for yourself to unwind and relax, you can opt to have a swim in the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. You can also spend sometime in the water front cafes and restaurants and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle. On reaching Kas, you will have no accommodation problem because there are more than sixty hotels.

Getting to Kas

Kas has prospered as a popular tourist resort, partially because of its developed infrastructure. From Antalya, Kas is only 3 hours away and you can cover the distance by availing the large buses or minibuses, which run between Antalya’s main bus terminus and Kas’s otogar.