New Tourism Season In Turkey 2020

Tourism Season In Turkey To Begin In June 2020 Amid World Corvid-19 Outbreak

132 Measures To Turkey Tourism Sector Is Announced By Turkish Minister of Culture And Tourism

New criteria that businesses will implement for the new tourism season to begin in June 2020. The Culture and Tourism Minister set 132 criteria for tourism enterprises in order to address the Covid-19 contamination concern of consumers.

These were collected in 4 main headings: “passenger health and safety”, “employee health and safety”, “measures taken in facilities”, “measures taken in transportation vehicles”. The necessary measures to be taken for accommodation and Turkish food and drink facilities were listed as follows:

Mandatory Measures For Turkey Beach Hotels and Tourism Facilities

  • The tourism facility property in Turkey will have an authorized personnel to verify contamination measures and hygiene standards.
  • Periodic monitoring forms and checklists on hygiene practices will be prepared.
  • Arrangements will be made at the entrance of all units and in the rooms stating the social distance.
  • The necessary arrangements for distance education will be made for the Turkish employees.
  • Wall schemes to be prepared for Covid-19 and hygiene practices will be translated in at least 3 languages.
  • Protective clothing and equipment and mask will be prepared at the entrance of the facility.
  • The foreigner guests will be informed in writing of the precautions and rules at the reception.
  • Cleaning practices will be recorded.
  • Ventilation filters will be changed regularly.
  • Body temperature measurements will be done by thermal sensor when employees enter and exit work. Biometric facial descriptions will be recorded and monitored at the same time.
  • The hotel staff and employees in hotels will have a certificate of hygiene training.

Tables and chairs and deckchair ranges in restaurants of luxury hotels in Bodrum are already being measured.

Tourists in Turkey Will Make Card Payment Instead Of Cash

The necessary measures to be taken regarding the arrival of guests to the hotel were also determined as follows:

  • The guest's check-in will begin by informing him of the social distance. Taking into account the risk of contamination, the guest will be informed that his or her luggage and/or belongings will be carried by him or The bellboy.
  • Alcohol-based hand antiseptic /disinfectant and protective equipment will be kept in the reception area for guest use.
  • When paying guests, as far as possible contactless POS devices, online payment, etc.instead of cash payment. methods will be preferred.
  • Hotel room card or key, towel card, pen, reception bell, equipment etc. will be disinfected in case of repeated use.

Medical Measures To Be Taken In Case Of Emergency

The measures to be taken in emergencies and patients with symptoms or suspected cases were listed as follows:

  • Epidemic diseases, crisis management protocol, people and institutions to be reached will be determined.
  • If foreigner guests show any signs of illness (cough, weakness, high fever, etc.) upon arrival or during their stay at the hotel) the intervention plan of the personnel will be ready.
  • Isolation areas will be determined in case of emergency within the hotel.
  • Hotel employees will report Covid-19 to the workplace when they see symptoms.
  • For employees with Covid-19 symptoms or tested positive, information will be provided to the Ministry of Health Alo 184 Corona virus Advisory line and the Turkish Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • The bed linen, sheets, towels the room of the guest who is diagnosed with Covid-19 will be washed separately.

Salt Shakers Banned From Single-use Buffet

  • Cleaning of dining tables and furniture, table top equipment (except disposable ones) with alcohol-based products will be done after the use of each customer.
  • There will be a disposable salt shaker, pepper shaker, napkin holder on the table.
  • In case the” open buffet " application is continued, the food in the buffet will not be taken by the guests. A glass visor will be found to help them make contact with food. As part of the precautions, the Turkish food requested by an officer will be given to the guest.

Sauna And Turkish Hamam Will Only Be Used For Half An Hour

  • Sauna, Turkish bath, steam bath, such as the duration of use by guests will be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes. Then, at least 15 minutes to clean the area will be arranged.
  • The number of people in and out of the gym will be limited.
  • Appropriate air quality will be provided in the Spa, humidity will be controlled.
  • The ingredients in the pouch, soap, shower gel, shampoo etc will be disposable.

Cabin Hygiene And Chlorine In The Pool Are On Record

  • Because of the risk of quick contamination of Covid-19, the pool and beach environment will also be re-organized according to hygiene rules.
  • Chlorine level in pool water will be regularly measured and recorded
  • Cleaning and disinfection activities prescribed for toilets, showers and changing cabins around the pool and beach will be recorded.

Distances Between The Tables Will Be 1.5 Meters

Minister of Culture and Tourism in Turkey announced that the tourism season will open in June 2020. Hotels set to comply with social distance rules are preparing to provide training to staff.

Kettles, televisions and air-conditioning controls in the bedrooms will be disinfected every time guests leave the hotel. There will be disposable materials in the rooms. Measures were also taken in food safety, kitchen layout and cleanliness. Staff aren't even allowed to use jewelry. The measures in the food and drink units are as follows:

  • There will be a distance of at least 1.5 meters between tables and 60 cm between chairs.
  • Service equipment will be cleaned regularly in the eating and drinking areas.
  • Tea/coffee machine, dispenser, beverage machine and similar devices in common use will be removed. Guests will be given drinks from these devices through an attendant.

People Must Wear Masks In Vehicles In Turkey

The ministry also determined the principles for animation halls, security measures and vehicles to be used. According to this, all passengers in the vehicles will use masks. Vehicles will have alcohol-based hand antiseptic/disinfectant, Cologne and enough masks for Tourist passengers. Cleaning of the surfaces such as seats, door handles, hand holders will be done before each service.

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