Real Estate In Turkey Shines On Thermo Energy Plants

By 2023 Turkey Will Produce 30% Electricity From Renewables

Turkey Investment Real Estate

For short term unlicensed production, to construct < 1 MWe solar power plants (10 - 30 - 50 MWe) the bureaucracy process completes between 6 - 12 months. This can be either to purchase a company with a per-approved project or start from scratch.

As the transmission lines in Turkey are limited and not sufficient (31,5 kVa) most of the regions have used up the capacity for unlicensed production (Konya and Karaman are among them).

Therefore within the Konya and Karaman regions per-approved projects can be purchased. In the regions of Isparta, Mersin, Afyon, Denizli, Malatya, Nigde, Van, Mardin the lines are vacant.

For Long Term Licensed Production, New Applications Can Be Effected.

The region of Karaman has been announced by the government to be the Central Solar Energy Region where works have already commenced. With this announcement early bird companies like CSun and Yingli have purchased land in the area (100 - 300 Ha). The government within a short time will give out licenses for 3.000 GW. Other than Karaman, Konya (Karapinar) will also be other fortunate region.

1. Unlicensed Production

< 1 MWe (requires 20.000 m2 Turkey land)

Solar power production projects received ore-approvals in (Burdur, Isparta, Afyon, Konya, Karaman, Nigde, Malatya) can be taken over and processed. There are 40-50 (1 MWe) available. Prices between 90.000 - 130.000 euro / per 1 MWe. The company transfer and land is included in the price. Several people have setup companies and made to ready state for the purpose to transfer/sell.

2. Licensed Production

a. The first production license applications were done in December 2013. For these applications the government is effecting power transformer tenders. Uptill now tenders have been done in 3 regions Erzurum, Erzincan and Siirt. In Erzurum 8 MWe and Erzincan 4,7 MWe. For other regions in Turkey tenders have not been done yet.

b. The second applications in Karaman will be done in April 2015. This is for companies who have purchased land and have done radiation measurements for the duration of 1 year.

There Are 3 Ways To Proceed For A Production Licensed Project,

a. Make an offer to take over a company, who has applied before and has a production license granted.

b. Make an offer to take over a company, who has done radiations measurements, and apply as company.

c. Start from scratch, purchase land and conduct 1 year radiations measurements, then apply as company.

Solar Plant Investment in Turkey Offers 2 alternatives,

a. Unlicensed Production

b. Licensed Production

Briefly The (Unlicensed) Application For Setup And Duration's In Turkey (In Order),

1. Land research, must not be agriculture land, must not be watery land, must be situated close to transmission lines

2. The purchase of suitable land

3. Get opinion (ore-approval) from the agriculture and water works

4. Application to local electricity distributor companies

5. The applicants for 1 M We capacity get ore-approval in 2-3 months and reservation for their company

6. After the ore-approval granted, within 180 calendar days must submit electric/electronic, dynamic, static project, material list to TEDAS Ankara

7. TEDAS Ankara within 2-3 months grant preliminary acceptance

8. After the preliminary acceptance, the project construction starts

9. After the project construction completes TEDAS Ankara inspects and accepts the project, then the energy sale to the government starts

Briefly The (Licensed) Application For Setup And Duration In Turkey (In Order),

1. Land research, must not be agriculture land, must not be watery land, must be situated close to transmission lines

2. The purchase of suitable land

3. Conduct 1 year measurements (radiations)

4. Pre-application to EPDK (guarantee of 10.000 TL per MW)

5. 1 year later the regional transmission line race starts, why ? Even though for Burdur 28 MW rights has been given , the application amount has reached upto 215 MW. To obtain the 28 MW TEIAS has stared the tenders for a Central Substation. The company who wins the tender receives a 49 year EPDK license. For Erzurum it is 850,000 TL per MW because of the race. In Erzurum 4 companies have raced, in Erzincan 2 companies raced. For Konya Karaman, Antalya Burdur regions these figures are expected to be higher (as there is more application that the capacities given).

6. After receiving the pre-license the technical project file and financial resources file must be assembled and given in within 24 months.

7. After receiving the license, the construction must be completed within the next 24 month period.

The Karaman area is suggested as it offers the highest radiation in all of the regions. Other than this fact, the Turkish government has announced Karaman region to be the Central Solar Energy Region of Turkey. Other than Karaman, we are also very effective in the Konya and Burdur regions.

The license tender for Konya has been done on 30 January 2015. The license the government has given out 96 MW (48 MW x 2 regions). To get ready and participate in the bids is late now for this region. But to prepare on future bids will be possible.

The license tender for Karaman will be done in April 2015 (has been said, but not yet confirmed). For the 38 MW that will be given out, currently there are 65 companies (Turkish and foreign) who have planted 80 poles and have completed the 1 year radiation measures. Within these 65 companies some have prepared their file for the full 38 MW, some with less capacity 20 MW, 10 MW, 8 MW, 4 MW etc... It is estimated that the license bid for 1 MW will be around 850.000 - 1.000.000 USD, some companies may even bid higher. For the upcoming bid in Karaman there will be more participation than the capacity available.

The companies who do not have a chance to participate this time around or who do not win the bid will have to wait for the next tender date, that will be increased for 3.000 MW.
At the same time the government is setting up new power stations and transmissions line to meet this capacity.

As Real Estate Agents In This Field, Our Prime Target Is To Offer

  1. a. suitable land classification for your project scale
  2. b. the lowest possible land offers from sellers
  3. land closest to the power station (to install power lines cost is about 100.000 USD / km)

The Solar Region Land Prices Are As Follows

  • Karaman 1.000 - 2.000 Euro per 1 Dekar (unlimited available) the highest irradiation region
  • Konya 3.000 - 4.000 Euro per 1 Dekar (unlimited land available)
  • Burdur 2.000 - 4.000 Euro per 1 Dekar (< 100 Ha land chunks)
  • Antalya Turkey 10.000 - 15.000 Euro per 1 Dekar (max 10 Ha chunks) central tourism region