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Where Have Foreigners Purchased Housing In Turkey?

The Turkish government statistics show that for the last three years consecutive buying real estate in Turkey among worldwide foreigner nationals is more popular with higher demand along the warmer climate seaside regions of the Mediterranean and lower compared to Aegean and the colder Marmara regions of Turkey.

As of 2014 surprisingly the most northern and colder region of Marmara being Istanbul has increased demand among Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Dubai, Arabic buyers, since the popular-ism boom of Turkish TV series circulating around many warmer climate Gulf countries.

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Since year 2005 when foreigners were allowed to buy a property in Turkey, most foreigner owned properties are located in 10 tops cities, the top 5 being (south Turkish riviera) Antalya, (north) Istanbul, Bursa, Aydin and Yalova.

The province of Antalya having the highest purchase record has always been, the top preferred location by foreigners to buy property over the 10 year period, mostly due to sun, sea and sand all-in-one spot, frequent and cheap charter flights, and the low cost of living, and mild winters compared to other Turkish provinces.

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It should also be worthy to suggest that the Antalya apartment prices in the market outlook concentrates along the seaside and coastal resorts closer to the beach, that has tripled in the market value over the last 3 years, where new construction project and villa land prices in Antalya still continue to sharply rise making Antalya a very attractive and safe property market to invest in, with the quickest profit turn over.

* below figures represent foreigner residential property only (and does not include off-plan projects, under construction developments, or land sales) in Turkey

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  • 2017 Foreigner Housing Sale Numbers By Cities In Turkey.......... 18.189 units sold
  • 2016 Foreigner Housing Sale Numbers By Cities In Turkey.......... 22.830 units sold
  • 2015 Foreigner Housing Sale Numbers By Cities In Turkey.......... 18.959 units sold
  • 2014 Foreigner Housing Sale Numbers By Cities In Turkey.......... 12.818 units sold

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