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Istanbul Hair Transplantation Tourism Reaches $ 1.5 Billion USD Revenue

Revenue In Turkey Hair Transplant Tourism Reaches $ 1.5 Billion, Could Negatively Impact Corona

Turkey iHealth - a Turkish hair company was featured on billboards during the previous day's soccer match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Turkey, which is ranked first in the world in the field of Istanbul hair transplant packages that hosted 498 thousand people from abroad in 2019 and obtained 1 billion 500 million dollars turnover from these people. Close to $ 2 billion in target turnover in 2020.

However, the outbreak of corona virus, this sector can also affect because 18 thousand people a year to our country for hair transplant flights from Italy halted due to the outbreak. The Founding Chairman of the Turkish Health Tourism Development Council, called for an end to informality noting that about 1,500 of the 5,000 centres in Istanbul do not have the required medical accreditation to operate nor render services.

In Spain, a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona clubs that appeared on the boards of an advertisement attracted attention. The match watched by hundreds of millions worldwide, surprised many with the inclusion of the hair transplant clinic in Antalya and Istanbul advertisements shown on the boards at the stadium.

Turkey dental implant cheap prices in the Turkish health tourism sector are among the rapidly developing areas next to property sales in Turkey, so much that Turkey has risen to the first place in the world in hair transplantation tourism.

The number of people coming for rhinoplasty and nose jobs aesthetic in 2019 reached 1 million 87 thousand people, they achieved a total turnover of 10.2 billion dollars. In 2019, the number of people was 890 thousand and turnover was $ 8.5 billion.

Thus a 22 percent increase in the number of people taking treatment for veneers at dentist in Turkey and a 20 percent increase for implant teeth, in turnover was recorded in one year.

In 2020 the target number of people is 1 million 250 thousand and 12.5 billion USD Turnover

In 2010, the number of people in health tourism 487 thousand, 2,4 billion dollars of turnover. Turkey's health tourism in terms of turnover is 3rd in the world and 5th in the number arriving of foreigner people.

While in health tourism in the world ahead in turnover is Turkey and Germany, ahead in the number of people is USA, Thailand and India.

Turkey Is Ranked First In The World In Hair Transplantation, A Sub-branch Of Health Tourism

In 2019 data 498 thousand people came to Turkey hair transplantation and 1 billion 494 million dollars of turnover was obtained from these people transferred. An amazing 46 percent increase in Turkey in the number of people and turnover was recorded in one year.

In 2010, the number of people in hair transplantation was 110 thousand, turnover was 330 million dollars. In 10 years, the number of people and turnover has nearly five folded.

In 2020, the target is 650 thousand people and 1 billion 950 million dollars in turnover is for seen.

A Hair Transplantation Fee In Turkey On Averages Prices At Low $ 2.000 USD

Turkey Hair Transplantation Prices vary according to the amount of hair follicles (grafts). The price varies depending on how much the person wants to have a hair transplant.

Prices ranged between $ 1 and $ 4 thousand, the average is $ 2 thousand that transfers lighter, accommodation and transportation when included in a person's income of $ 3 thousand.

Turkey Transplantation Tourism Has An Informal Issue With Undeclared Taxes

About 35 percent of the Turkish economy is unregistered, and this big problem is manifesting itself in the field of health tourism in Turkey. About 30 percent of the sector's health tourism accreditation is not pointed out. The total number of people and turnover of these figures is over 30 percent of the estimated expressed.

Just over 1500 hair transplant centers are located in Istanbul, only 900 of them have the necessary documents. Some centers in Istanbul also have agreements with hospitals and the operation is done in Istanbul hospitals, some of them use their own clinics.

The Necessity Of Preventing Informality Is In Terms Of Hygiene and Turkish Tax Declarations

The outbreak of corona virus will impress the huge Turkish hair transplantation industry, which originated in China and spread to many other countries. This by large also will start to affect the health tourism and hair transplant sector in Turkey.

From abroad to Turkey hair transplantation in the country the first by 18 thousand patients is from Italy per annual. Due to the outbreak and stopped flights to Italy, the Turkish hair transplant sector will be affect immediately.

The countries following Italy in hair transplantation to Turkey, 2nd are the United Arab Emirates with 13.600 and Germany in 3rd place with 12.200 visitors to Turkey annually.

It is also know that many who come for Turkey medical tourism also take, laser eye surgery, face lift plastic surgery, IVF, gastric sleeve, bypass and bariatric surgery in Turkey, and bone marrow transplant that includes a beach holiday advantage.