Turkey Housing Rental Prices Increase Antalya

Turkey Apartment Rental Prices Increased The Most In Antalya

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Research figures among the 7 largest provinces in Turkey, show that rental price increased the most in Antalya. Why Antalya rental prices have increased so fast ? Will it continue to go up compared to other cities in Turkey, is one of the most wondered questions that we answer.

Taken into consideration the second hand houses and brand new houses within Turkey as a whole, the research has included regions like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Bursa and Kocaeli. The 30 day rental period for a rental price shows Antalya has increased to top place with %2.6 compared to the same period, Adana %1.85, Kocaeli %1.81, Ankara %1.60, Izmir %1.55, Istanbul % 0.92, Bursa %0.72 has followed.

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Why do Antalya rental prices increase so fast ? The first reason is that in the World house tourism is on the rise of popularity. Tourists who stay at hotels now a days prefer to make holiday in homes, where this holiday style is more economical, while still being able to stay in the city center. The second reason is the there is a high demand for apartments and villas, where you can guess that this real estate demand reflects to prices to get higher, where increased prices continue to reflect to higher rental prices.

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Will the quick housing rental prices in Antalya continue compared to other cities in Turkey ? The answer to this question will always certainly be yes as the house rental price quick increases in Turkey will always be Antalya. One important factor is that Antalya is the center of tourism in Turkey the locomotive of the tourism hub. While we say Antalya, we mention the districts like Konyaalti and Lara (Muratpasa) in general. The research conducted should not just be understood as the city center, but the resorts and small beach towns are also taken as a whole such as, Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Side, Kas, Kalkan, Fethiye that also have an important share of the tourism, therefore these regions are also considered to bring continuous rental yield for the property buyer.

According to 2014 figures more than 1 million people live in Antalya, where the hotel capacity is 1 million. During the high summer season the city population reaches to nearly 3 million with local and international visitors. Antalya has one of the largest airports in Europe where there are flights continuously incoming from worldwide destinations.

Popular Cities That Have The Most Visitors From Global Tourism

  • Paris, France.......... 19.1 million
  • London, UK.......... 17.5 million
  • New York, USA.......... 15.6 million
  • Antalya, Turkey.......... 14.5 million
  • Singapore, Singapore.......... 11.3 million

Antalya also hosts many cultural and social activities, and will be the home to the 2016 World Expo historic event, where 8 million visitors are expected to visit during the 6 month event period.

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