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Turkish Rental Villa Begins Early Booking Period For 2021

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The covid-19 outbreak, which caused habits to change around the world, also redefined the understanding of holidays. Holidaymakers prefer to stay away from crowded holiday areas, preferring the most isolated environments in this process. This situation has made the rental villa holiday a new favorite of holiday lovers who prefer accommodation in accordance with the conditions of the pandemic during the New Year's holiday and want to plan their holiday already for 2021.

Among the most popular preferences of those who want to make an isolated Christmas holiday in accordance with the rules of social distance during the pandemic period, rental villas are the first. As cases of the Corona virus increased again, the precautionary bans began to be applied again. Because of the pandemic restrictions, people who did not want to stay in their homes during the New Year's holiday turned to the option of rented villas to be able to holiday in accordance with social distance rules.

In the epidemic process, far from the crowd, isolated and reliable holiday in the preference of those who want to spend villas for rent throughout the year mentioned that Turkish iClassified; “Christmas holiday in their homes do not want to spend, holiday plan for holidaymakers again the demand for Villa Holidays continues unabated. Turkish iClassified, which offers villa rental services with a portfolio of hundreds of villas all over Turkey, offers reliable isolated accommodation options for every taste and budget that can be made during the pandemic period. It is possible to find a combination of home comfort and luxury of a villa only in private villas for guests. According to the demand of our guests, an incredible accommodation service is provided in an environment that has been regularly cleaned and disinfected before the stay, which contains all imaginable facilities. Having options in many different styles, such as comfortable, luxurious, modern or head to head with nature, is offered in a way that meets all user expectations,” he said.


Sapanca, which is among the holiday routes close to Istanbul, has become one of the most ideal accommodation options in all seasons for those who plan to relax, spend time in nature, spend a pleasant time with their loved ones or have a romantic holiday. Sapanca stays are often preferred by the surrounding provinces, while the most visits are made from Istanbul. Turkish iClassified said that guests prefer villas for rent for Christmas holidays, especially Sapanca, located close to Istanbul, is one of the most preferred favorite places, “the nature of Sapanca contains separate beauties in summer and winter. For this reason, Sapanca is becoming a peaceful holiday option that is both very romantic and very relaxing by its nature. Sapanca, which is attracted by the surrounding provinces, has the most visitors from Istanbul. There is a distance of about 1.5 hours between Istanbul and Sapanca. Many of our guests, who want to recover and relax spiritually during the pandemic process, especially come from Istanbul. He spends the weekend alone with nature in our villas located in the most beautiful places of Sapanca,” was said.


Turkish iClassified department said that the whole world is about to leave behind a year tired of the pandemic, while plans for the 2021 holiday are already on the agenda. "The year 2020 has changed many holiday habits, overshadowing the epidemic. Both the promising positive developments of vaccine studies and the acclimatization of the pandemic process have accelerated the 2021 holiday plans. Since the first day of the pandemic, we have been providing our services in the best way possible to respond to these changes. In addition to the sheltered holiday opportunity, we take care to ensure that our guests have a holiday that they will never want to end and feel in the comfort of their home with hundreds of villas with private pools. In this context, we have launched our 2021 early booking campaigns to make our guests more accessible and isolated holidays,” he said.


Holiday and accommodation preferences have completely changed with the pandemic. Hygiene has become the most important and first-choice criterion in accommodation concepts. As Turkish iClassified, all measures against Coronavirus have been taken, said, noting that everything necessary is being considered to ensure that his guests have a smooth and stress-free holiday. continued his words in the special issue as follows:

“It is very important for us that our guests have a healthy holiday and complete their holiday in a way that is relaxed and enjoyed during this exhausting period. In this direction, we offer our guests a reliable accommodation service with the actions we have received since the first day of the pandemic. At the request of our guests, our villas in Turkey are met with a non-contact, hygienic villa. For the health and satisfaction of our guests, we approach this issue very sensitively. Disinfection of our Turkey holiday villas is carried out by licensed expert staff with special equipment with new generation disinfectants and state-of-the-art equipment approved by the Ministry of health, all operations are carried out in a fully professional manner."detailed disinfection and cleaning procedures are performed before laundering. Thanks to this process, which we perform in accordance with the demand.