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Where Are Top 10 Best Places For Property Rentals Along The Mediterranean?

There are unique features of the world famous Mediterranean region known as the Turkish Riviera, which attracts millions of tourists from Turkey and the world every year. The Mediterranean region in southern Turkey suitable for both summer and winter tourism, is full of historical structures from the past 10 civilizations. The region is also famous for its sea, which attracts tourists due to its nature and unique weather. In this article we will share with you the places where you can keep Turkish traditional daily rental villas in the Mediterranean.

With its Blue Flag beaches, unique coves and water sports, daily rental villa options in the Mediterranean region have started to attract a lot of attention, offering people many options for historical, sporting, cultural and recreational purposes.

Here are the most sought after areas in the Mediterranean sea of this summer:

1. Where To Rent Property Daily In Alanya region?

Alanya villas and apartments which is the most preferred resort in the Mediterranean, attracts with its historical texture as well as its natural beauty. The region is home to millions of tourists every year and those who do not want to compromise their privacy, but also those who want to have fun prefer daily rent in Alanya and surrounding beaches of Avsallar, Payallar and Turkler.

The Gazipasa villas  which can be rented on a daily basis as its name suggests, have everything from a private pool to a unique view. Property in Mahmutlar daily rental villa options allow guests to enjoy the sand and sun of the sea.

2. Where To Rent Property Daily In Antalya region?

Antalya Lara apartments daily rental options are available for every budget in Turkey. Those who want to contact the authorities by phone can rent the most suitable Konyaalti apartments and homes for them immediately.

Open from spring, daily rental summer homes are divided into a variety of options in terms of price, size and property. It is possible to examine the images of the houses in question by calling the owners.

Antalya Daily Rental Cottage Options

In many parts of the city, especially the center of Antalya, daily houses and Antalya holiday houses can be kept. Apart from this, Alanya, Akseki and Elmalı summer areas, such as many daily home options available for each pocket. Most summerhouses are known for being close to City and county centers.

It is also close to transportation vehicles such as metro and bus, and these daily summer houses can be rented on a weekly and monthly basis. TurkishClassified.com also has location information so you can easily find it.

Holiday planers can review this location information and evaluate the best options for themselves.

Advantages Of Renting A Summer House In Antalya

The summer houses in Lara Konyaalti and Kepez which provide the comfort of home one to one have furniture and accessories intended to meet many basic needs. Free and unlimited WiFi connections are available to all guests.

At the same time, television, air conditioning, refrigerator and dishwasher are available to customers in high-end summer houses. Single and double beds also offer complete home comfort.

There are also summer cottages for 3, 4 and 5 people with spacious rooms for those who want them. Anyone who wants to stay with their family can opt for these rooms.

Room service is also fully included in the fee and offers services to meet the immediate needs of guests.

Residence apartments and villas in the comfort of the hotel are also other alternatives within the Antalya daily rental cottage options.

Other Features Of Daily Rental Houses Antalya

All of the log houses also have separate sections, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Jacuzzi, heating and indoor garage services are also available for guests ' comfort.

In addition, it is enough to pay an additional fee for apartments that allow pets. Homes with shared pools can also enjoy the holiday, these houses can be kept weekly and monthly.

All of The Daily cottages in Antalya along with January, fireplace and heaters have all the features you need for a great holiday.

3. Where To Rent Property Daily In Kemer region?

The rental villas in Kemer, one of the most preferred resorts in Antalya, welcome those who pursue luxury and do not compromise on comfort.

Kemer daily rental villas open the doors to privacy, while the villas offer more than five-star hotels with luxurious furnishings.

In villas where everything from private Jacuzzi rooms to VIP pools is combined, there is a charge per villa, not according to the number of people. This offers accommodation for more people at the same price.

The luxury day rental villa in Kemer options allow families to enjoy luxury and comfort together.

4. Where To Rent Property Daily In Kas region?

Far from the chaos of the city, and so centrally located, Kas daily apartment rental deals allow those looking for luxury as well as peace to easily reach what they are looking for.

Offering more than a summer holiday with its historical structures and unique touches to be visited and seen, villas for rent in Kas region are preferred as the only address of comfort.

Kas and Kalkan apartment and villa rental options, which are preferred by hundreds of local and foreign tourists each year, get full points from the guests.

The villas, which are the first address for those who want to spend their holiday in Antalya, provide their guests with a unique experience. A combination of luxury and comfort, crowded families enjoy fun without exceeding the limits of privacy.

As The Heat Grew More And More Towards August, Holiday Plans Began To Be Made

If we consider that there is a long holiday holiday in front of us, we can evaluate the option of seasonal holiday homes. We have listed the most beautiful holiday regions of the Mediterranean region and the daily rental home listings in these regions for you.

5. Where To Rent Property Daily In Side region?

Side Manavgat property which is part of Manavgat district, welcomes hundreds of tourists every year through its ancient city. You can take both a cultural and a sea holiday in side. You can get a step closer to your holiday by reviewing Side daily rental home ads.

6. Where To Rent Property Daily In Anamur region?

Anamur beach, connected to Mersin, will amaze you with its historical and exotic texture. With its fresh air, azure sea and banana trees, Anamur real estate and houses promises a peaceful holiday. Mersin daily rental home ads can be found in TurkishClassified.com

7. Where To Rent Property Daily In Samandag region?

Samandag, which used to be a place of luxury summer houses, is now a little more tranquil as a rural holiday region. You can also taste the unique flavors of Hatay cuisine while enjoying a peaceful holiday in Samandağ. You can find the most suitable house for Samandağ by looking at the daily rental ads in Hatay.

8. Where To Rent Property Daily In Karatas region?

Karataş, which is one of the longest beaches in Turkey, can also catch the opportunity to see historical sites while on a sea holiday. It is one of the best holiday areas of Adana with its delicious fish. You can visit Turkey Real Estate for daily rental listings in Adana.

9. Where To Rent Property Daily In Finike region?

Finike property, which is famous for its oranges, will be a nice alternative for those planning to go to Antalya. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Phoenicia will allow you to have a pleasant holiday with its clean shores. Start planning your holiday already with daily rental listings in Phoenicia.

10. Where To Rent Property Daily In Arsuz region?

One of the quiet coastal towns of Hatay, Arsuz opens the door to a natural and peaceful holiday. You can visit ads and check the daily rental listings in Hatay.