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Alanya Beach and Holiday Resort is Located 125 Km Drive From Antalya, Turkey

Alanya is one of the liveliest summer vacation destination of Turkey. Alanya is credited to be a perfect travel destination due to the versatile range of pleasures it can offer to tourists. Starting from smiting natural beauty, rich historical charm, modern facilities to loads of adventure - you name it; Alanya has it. The place teams with a great atmosphere, jolly crowds buzzing around in beaches, streets, shops and hotels.

Alanya will prove to be an ideal choice for your summer travel. You will be welcomed by mesmerizing Mediterranean landscapes, magnificent Turkish traditions and historical wealth. A great promontory juts out to the sea dividing the beaches of Alanya into two neat parts. The Eastern beach and the Cleopatra beach are the precise places to laze around in luxurious sunshine enjoying the sea.

The beaches are alive with vacationers holidaying all day long. Alanya also hosts the International Folklore Festival in August and you will find a general ambience of merriment in those times. Going around Alanya is easy with widely available public buses and taxis.

Alanya is an exotic place and perfect for your summer tour with family or friends. It promises you good food, a nice tan, a fabulous holiday and much more.

Turkish Tourism, Marinas and Turkey Government Investment Alanya

  • Two marinas tendered with 400 boat capacity --2016
  • Gazipasa 6 five star hotels --2014
  • Gazipasa airport --2012
  • Gazipasa marina 250 boats --2011
  • Gazipasa golf course --2010
  • Alanya marina 425 boats
  • International cruise ship terminal

Alanya Attractions

Alanya has a long list of tourist attractions to its credit. The place abounds in natural beauty and historical wealth. The city is full of Roman structures and Byzantine churches with intricate frescoes on them.

Alanya is adorned by a 14th century citadel, which leads down to intriguing sea caves and grottoes. The Damlatas is a hot tourist destination. The caves are formed of curious shapes, stalactites and stalagmites with a unique humid atmosphere.

Alaeddin Keykubat built the renowned Alanya fortress in 1229. It houses the palace, churches, the huge lantern, Seljuk baths and cisterns. The Red Tower is the most prominent symbol of the magnificent city of Alanya. This octagonal prism is 35 m high and built with red stones. It was originally used to guard the dock and has many historical remnants in it. The dockyard of Alanya is also of historical significance.

The harbor of Alanya is a jovial place with little boats and many restaurants. You can take boat trips to the famous Fosforlu Magarasi (Phosphorescent Cave), Apiklar Madarasi (Lovers’ cave) and Korsanlar Madarasi (Pirates’ Cave). Apart from the Alanya Museum which house representations from the various cultures of ancient Turkey, the Seljuk ruins are just 5 km away.

Aytap, Syedra and Alanya Incekum are other places of interest close to Alanya. You can travel to these spots to enjoy ancient historic ruins, the inns of Serapsu and Alara, the fortress and many other remnants of erstwhile civilizations. The Dim River valley is also a spot of exquisite natural beauty.

Activities in Alanya

Needless to say, a place as vibrant as Alanya abounds in various activities that lure all travel freaks. Your summer travel will be enhanced manifold by the several sporting opportunities that Alanya has to offer. You can go biking around the countryside, or more adventurously to the Taurus Mountains with their stunning views. You can find a wealth of mysterious beauty under the sea-waters and caves of Alanya. Experience the true pleasures of sea diving in the waters of Alanya.

Alanya Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife

Alanya is as awake in the night, as it is active by the day. You can party your night away in a variety of bars and restaurants in Mahmutlar, Oba or Kestel. Expect to find every imported brand of drinks as well as local favorites. Most bars and discotheques are concentrated around the harbor area. You can see for yourself that Alanya has a happening nightlife playing a medley of modish western tracks and traditional Turkish tunes. The numerous cafes and restaurants lined around the harbor provide excellent cuisine for both typically Turkish and international tastes.

Shopping in Alanya

Alanya is truly a shopper’s haven. You will be amazed by the innumerable shops and boutiques lining the streets and find a plethora of articles to purchase. If you are good at bargaining you can be sure of making nifty deals. Expect to be treated with beverages in shops. The articles to look out for include copper work, jeweler, carpets, Turkish textiles, handbags, souvenirs and artifacts. You will find good quality items at very reasonable prices. The special attraction of Alanya is however painted gourds.