Antalya International Airport Hits The Highest Record Day for Tourists

Antalya International Airport Hits The Highest Record Passenger On Tourist Visa For Holiday

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With the coming summer season Antalya city has broken it's own record with the rush of holiday makers and tourists. The other day Antalya International Airport recorded the highest arrival in history with 175 thousand 806 passengers, and a total of 985 flight traffic.

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The Republic of Turkey General Directorate Of State Airports Authority made an official statement from the DHMI twitter account that "The tourism capitol's Antalya International Airport broke 3 records in just a single day. Even though Ramadan celebrations continue in the country, the tourism is living the liveliness more than before. The airplane traffic and passenger records has reached to the highest peak ever", he added.

Antalya international airport has made 985 arrivals and departures, where 175 thousand 806 passengers have used the airport facilities and terminals. Hosting such huge capacity with no critical issues has proven to tourists that the airport operations is outstanding, and that the service staff on duty at the airport should be thanked.

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The officials further reveal polls that just over 1 thousand people from European, Russian and Arabic countries came for the reason to buy property in Antalya or cheap resale property in Alanya through real estate agent booking services. From the total passenger count, 81 thousand 488 passengers have made arrival through the international arrival terminal.