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Antalya City Has Been Awarded To Host The First World Expo Event In Turkey

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The First World Expo Event To Be Hosted In Turkey

Opening 23 April - 30 October 2016 a target of a total of 8 million people is expected to visit Expo Antalya during the period of 6 months. In this figure, 5 million foreigners will explore World Expo and of those 2 million will very likely come to Antalya just to visit Antalya Expo.

In addition to this, it is expected that there will be 3 million domestic visitors and of those 500.000 will come to Expo with regards to observing developments and interest to buy property in the region.

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Antalya on way to a top world Class Destination

With its 700 km long coastline, its rich history and incredible natural beauty, Antalya has much to offer to its discerning visitor. Aspendos, Termessos, Phaselis, St. Nicholas, Perge, alongside the ruins of the ancient city of Patara and approximately 300 antique sites to visit, the excellent combination of the sea and sun, beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and authentic localities such as Olympos or the Taurus Mountains make Antalya virtually a wonderland.

With its strong economy and the enormous tourism potential (over 1,000,000 beds capacity and 380 five stars hotels + 60 more under construction) and addressing 2 billion people by four hour flight distance, Antalya has been selected the ideal geographical location for 2016 World Expo.

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Once the area in Antalya will be decided, 184 countries and 30 large organizations, which are taking part come into question. As the principal parts Expo Hill, Expo Forest, Expo Pond and Expo Tower are planned. Flowers and child themes, which will rise over the project in question within the international scale to many organizations, will be signed, panel discussions, meetings, seminars, performing arts events, concerts and most importantly children congresses will be held.

The current 132 million dollar development level of the landscape activities which are arranged by the municipalities and tourism sector is a positive and encouragement position for Antalya.

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In addition to this during a six months period at least 2,000 social and cultural activities which will be held in the framework of the organization and the BIE General Assembly AIPH is also being planned to be held in Antalya, Turkey.

In the meantime an Executive Committee consisting of 33 local and non-governmental organizations was formed for arrangements. Antalya Expo hosts 100 nations where reliable resources will be transferred from budgets of governments and businesses.

Final in December 2011 the venue chosen after successful bidding against countries, like UK, Germany, France, Holland, China, Japan, Russia, Italy and Spain, has been Antalya, Turkey located on the southern Mediterranean coast, also worldwide know as the Turkish riviera.

Turkey Exposition 2016 theme "Flowers and Children"

Expo 2015 was a Universal Exposition and hosted by Milan, Italy, where Expo 2018 theme will be Future Energy to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.