Antalya Property Market Increases Turkey Real Estate

Antalya Property Market Increases As Turkey Real Estate Gets Popular

Turkey Real Estate News: Antalya

As most western Europeans citizens got wealthier the search to buy a second home abroad was the trend. Countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and Italy quickly noticed the sharp demand as foreigner buyers showed interest to more real estate. Many construction companies from around the world came to these destinations and got into the real estate market, to construct tailor-made developments such as luxury golf villas and apartments and holiday homes, attracting all size budgets. In parallel to the growth many estate agencies started to establish in the market to help advertise and sell these properties.

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As the world economical macros have changed much since the last decade, other emerging countries have started to join and play in the international real estate market. China, India and Turkey have succeeded with more potential where quality versus the price become more competitive. Helping these new regions emerge have been more support from the local government by adding changes and making new policies to attract foreigners, by lowering taxes and the ease to make purchases more easier. One of the Turkish governments advantage was not to charge any gains tax, if the real estate was sold after 5 years.

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