Turkey Location Guide: Belek

Buying Belek Property In Turkey For Golf Holiday, Investment and Citizenship

Belek Beach and Golf Resort is Located 30 Km Drive from Antalya, Turkey

International Golf Association IGATO has awarded in 2010, Belek as the "Best Golf Holiday Destination in Europe" with only 16 golf courses, compared to 600 golf courses in Spain.

In midway between Antalya and Alanya, Belek makes a quaint holiday destination, next to Antalya International Airport. A blend of historical sites and the modern co-exist give Belek a unique flavor.

The stunning 17 km sun kissed beaches and championship golf courses, together with a 12 month salubrious climate make Belek attractive to the young and old alike.

The twin towns of Kadriye and Belek both will make the stay exciting and comfortable, while the host of friendly Turkish people makes Belek undoubtedly warm and charming.

Belek has been developed as a holiday destination for tourists of varied interests. With its natural beauty of the sea and the mountains, its carefully planned golf courses and its rich history, it has something for everybody. So pack your bags and head for this exotic place where the past and the present have amalgamated to give you a dream holiday. It is one of Turkey’s premier golf centers with a world-class golf courses where both the novice and the expert can hone their skills.

The golf clubs are paired into two groups within ten minutes driving distance of each other. Most of the hotels and golfing resorts are located in between adding to the tourists’ convenience. Belek enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with sunshine almost throughout the year. A light woolen may be required in the winter evenings when it gets cooler.

Golf Tourism, Marinas and Turkey Government Investment Belek

  • Europe's biggest entertainment center 300.000 m2 --2016
  • Bogazkent marina tendered with 250 boat capacity --2016
  • Belek marina tendered with 300 boat capacity --2015
  • 730 residence development + golf course + hotel --2015
  • 640 residence development + golf course + hotel --2015
  • 7 championship courses tendered + inland --2015
  • 6 five star hotel construction + beach --2015
  • 2 new private hospitals --2013
  • Kadriye & Belek Town infrastructure rebuilt --2012
  • Antalya's first private university --2013
  • Two double lane highway into Kadriye --2012
  • Single double lane highway into Belek --2010
  • Street parks and recreation, artificial pools 350.000 m2 2010
  • Belek beach park 100.000 m2 public amenities --2010
  • Kadriye beach park 150.000 m2 public amenities --2009
  • 40 Five star hotels + 1 seven star total 50.000 bed capacity
  • 16 International golf clubs
  • Antalya's biggest disco Soho
  • Belek has been reserved 140 km2 by the Ministry of Tourism in 1979
  • History of Belek

The history of Belek dates back to 4th Century B.C. Over the ages, it has come under Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine as well as Seljuk influence, which has impacted the sculptural and architectural dimensions of the place. When King Attalos II handed the territory over to the Romans in 133 BC, the Roman influence became predominant and found expression in the architecture of large buildings, stadium, gymnasium, turrets, mosques and many theaters that were built during this period.

Main attraction in Belek

If you are a globetrotter with a thirst for history and archeology, the Aspendos Theatre would perhaps be the chief attraction in Belek. Built by the architect Zenon in the 2nd Century, it is the best-preserved ancient theater till date. With a seating capacity of 20,000 it remains a fine example of skills in engineering and architecture that existed even then. The galleries, stage decorations and acoustics make it an architectural marvel worth visiting. So well preserved that even today concerts and recitals are held at the Aspendos Theatre during the summer months.

While in Belek you can also visit the City Walls and the Hadrian Gate, which are historical remnants of the rich Roman style. The Antalya museum is a famous archeological museum, which should also be of interest to every visitor. Apart from this, there are the numerous mosques and minarets dotting Antalya, some belonging to the Byzantine era and others having been built by the Seljuks.

Besides golfing, Belek also provides you the opportunity for a wide range of adventure sports like wind surfing, water skiing, sailing, rafting, mountain climbing, and hunting. So if you are a sports enthusiast Belek is just the place for you in Turkey.

If you have a lazy relaxed vacation in mind then head for the seemingly endless white beaches in Belek. The numerous beach resorts with its view of the pine forests in the background, the river flowing into the fields from the Taurus Mountains is balm for the weary mind and body. The water is calm, so children can play safely while you spend the day sunbathing or swimming.

One main advantage of a visit to Belek is that it is ideally located to make short trips to other places of interest in Antalya while staying here.

From Belek, one can visit Perge, which is 18 kilometers from Antalya. St. Paul is said to have preached some of his first sermons here. Once again the architecture, gymnasium, the public baths form the main attraction. You may also sample some typical Turkish cuisine and enjoy an open-air disco in the evening.

The Koprulu National Park is a day’s trip from Belek. The breathtaking scenic beauty on the winding mountain route takes you by surprise at every turn. Some other places worth visiting are the Manavgat Falls where milky white foaming water rushes over the rocks, and Burdur, the Roman city of Termossa that was founded by Alexander high up in the mountains.

Shopping in Belek

Like all other Turkish towns, Belek has enchanting little markets. As you take a casual stroll down the street, the aroma of spices and food being cooked waft in and stir your senses and appetite. From here you can pick up items of Turkish handicrafts, which have now become world famous, as gifts and souvenirs for friends and family back home.

Restaurants and Nightlife in Belek

The best of the local Turkish food can be found in the many restaurants in Antalya. The various kebabs and fish preparations are mouth watering and definitely deserve to be savored. Adana Ocakbasi is a new restaurant in Belek well worth a try for its special Turkish dishes. The bars and nightclubs in Belek are very popular for their high quality drinks and wholesome entertainment and generally remain very crowded. Thus if you are planning a wild night out then, be prepared to wait in a queue.

International Standard Championship Golf Clubs in Belek

  1. Antalya Golf
  2. National Golf
  3. Kaya Eagles Golf
  4. Tat Golf
  5. Carya Golf
  6. Sueno Golf
  7. Cornelia Golf
  8. Papillon Golf
  9. Gloria Golf
  10. Nobilis Golf
  11. Maxx Royal

Belek is the only region in Turkey with 45 five star hotels lined up beside each other on the beach.