Big Earthquake Istanbul

Last Minute Very Stunning Report For Upcoming Istanbul Earthquake


The earthquake in Bingol Karliova further raised concerns about the Istanbul earthquake. Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) president Cemal Gökçe, Istanbul Bingöl with the same fault line, stating, “Istanbul earthquake waiting in ambush” warning.

Gökçe said the North Anatolian Fault Line, which runs all the way to Greece, is one of the most dangerous faults in both Turkey and the world. August November 1894, 1939 and 1992 Erzincan, August 17 Gölcük and, November 12 Düzce earthquakes (where 40 thousand people died) occurred on the same fault Gökçe pointed out that, this fault will produce new earthquakes in the Sea of Marmara and eastern regions of Turkey in the very near future, the same fault will produce the Istanbul earthquake and is waiting in ambush, he said. Gökçe noted that:

  • Bingöl Karlıova earthquake is a warning earthquake. This fault produces mostly earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above. Our expectation is to act knowing that the earthquake in Karlıova is a warning and to give back the legal rights of the professional chambers which have been weakened by the changes in laws and regulations.
  • Otherwise, it will not be easy to get out from under the larger earthquake devastation waiting in ambush. That is why we warn those concerned once again.

The Municipality of Istanbul IBB has prepared separate “district probable earthquake loss estimate booklets” for 39 districts of Istanbul. The booklets contained information on building damage, casualties and injuries, infrastructure damage and the need for temporary housing in a possible earthquake. According to this information, a possible earthquake in Istanbul 100 thousands of buildings will be damaged in the middle and above.

  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) is preparing for the expected big Istanbul earthquake.
  • Earthquake hazards and risks were re-addressed using current scientific analysis methods, existing superstructure and infrastructure inventory information.
  • In cooperation with IBB and the Earthquake Research Institute of the Kandilli Observatory of Boğaziçi University, the project “updating the possible earthquake loss estimates in Istanbul Province-2019” was implemented.


  • 83 percent of the buildings in Bahçelievler, 91 percent in Bayrampaşa, two-thirds in Beykoz, 90 percent in Güngören, 92 percent in şişli 20 and above; nearly half in Beşiktaş, more than half in the islands, and one-third in Eyüp are 40 and above.