Cheapest Holiday Places Europe

Europe's Cheapest 12 Cities For 2020 Summer Includes Turkey In The List

A City With A Summer Holiday Address From Turkey Entered The List

Europe's cheapest cities in 2020 has been identified by conducting research on tourism spending in 42 countries. With summer coming, the search for holidays began. But sometimes resorts can burn more pockets than we thought. A survey covering 42 countries has been conducted that includes many spending items base on a dinner for two consisting of three types of food, including water, a bottle of coke, a cup of coffee, a local beverage, sunscreen insecticide, etc.

Here's the list that came up with those results,

12-Sorrento / Italy

Sorrento is a small town located in the Bay of Naples, southern Italy. The town is famous for its historic features and local products. Connected to Naples, the town is surrounded by the Vesuvius volcano, Capri and Naples. History before Christ stretches. Sorrento contains many relics and historical monuments from the Roman, Greek and Byzantine periods. It is particularly noted for its ecclesiastical buildings that shed light on history, such as the cathedral, the monastery and the church. In addition to this, the city is also famous for its local products based on agricultural production ‘limoncello’ called Lemon liquor, citrus, wine, nuts and olive production is among Sorrento's most important products both economically and in terms of Tourism. Average price to spend £ 109.

11-Nice / France

With the title of France's fifth largest city and the capital of the French Riviera, Nice is also France's second largest tourist city. Nice castle is one of the most frequented points for tourists because it can see the area from the hill. Located in Nice, St. The Orthodox Cathedral of Nicholas is a must in the city. There are also many Sunday, Museum and square waiting for you. Aristocratic Monaco, famous for its red carpet, is often overlooked in Nice among neighbors such as Cannes. The old districts, thriving restaurants, the Riviera's best museums and street artifacts in France's fifth largest city you can see it. The city, which caters for all budgets, is now full of energy and differences. Average price to spend £ 90.

10-Porec / Croatia

Porec is located in the Istria region of Croatia. Besides Porec, there are also cities such as Umag, Rovinj and Pula. Porec is cited as The Best Resort in the Istria region. Because Germans, Austrians and Italians are extreme as a result of industrialization, they relax in the quiet environment. The main tourist areas of Porec are: the southern bays of two cities named Zelena, Plava Laguna. Perhaps the most beautiful part of the region, despite the high temperatures in summer, low humidity. Sveti Nikola Island in Porec, Euphrasian Basilica. The Bishop's Palace is a must-see. Average spend price £ 80

9-Budapest / Hungary

Budapest, one of the largest cities in Europe, is an important Center in terms of art, design and cuisine. Textile and fashion sector developed. It has the most Michelin-starred restaurants among the former Eastern Bloc Capitals. Rich, starting from the Celts its history peaks in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There are also many attractive options for those who will pursue contemporary pleasures. To see the new bars, restaurants and boutiques of Pasht east of the Danube, as well as the Historical Center, the Palace District and the Jewish Quarter, which have opened recently. The Buddha Castle on the other bank of the river was restored. The famous Ottoman baths are also abundant in this region. Average price to spend £ 79.

8-Corfu / Greece

Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea, a tributary of the Mediterranean Sea in northwestern Greece. In Corfu: places like Corfu Town, The Achilleion Palace, Kassiopi are places that tourists must see. Corfu, considered the landing of the Mediterranean, comes to the fore with fish and olive oil dishes. At the same time, Corfu is one of the busiest places in Greece for nightlife. Colourful and vibrant Corfu nights from Greece and other parts it attracts a lot of tourists. Average spend price £ 75.

7-Sliema / Malta

Sliema is one of the most touristy areas in Malta. There are many luxury hotels on the coast. You can take tours in the region by boarding boats, or you can visit the places in the region. The great port where the Ottoman siege took place you can also see the area. Here you can see Valletta, Elmo Castle, 3 cities and Ricasoli Castle. You will also notice the beauty of Maltese homes. Cathedrals, churches and fishing restaurants, as beautiful as houses, are also quite charming... average the price to spend is £ 67.

6-Paphos / Southern Cyprus

The average price to spend on Paphos, which is sixth on the list, is £ 63.

5-Prague / Czechia

Prague is among the most tourist-attracting cities in Europe. The reason is terrific architecture, historical wealth, great restaurants. It was thought to be behind the times but now with dozens of new stores, it also has its voice in design and fashion he's announcing it. The best boutiques, restaurants and pubs among the new ones are, by chance, on or off the very edge of the bustling tourist area. The innovations in the Smichov district, which were once ignored thanks to Prague's well-run public transport system, the little-known spaces in Mala Strana, the glamour of Vinohrady, where housing is concentrated, to the east of the historic centre. You can visit Zizkov freely. Moreover, the new formations worth seeing in the center are not very crowded areas. Average spend price £ 63.

4-Costa del Sol / Spain

The Costa del Sol, the most popular seaside destination and holiday haven in the south of Spain, means ‘coast of the sun’. Marbella is the most fashionable and socialite resort on the Costa del Sol. Playa de Don Carlos, the popular beach of Marbella, is known as the best in the region. The Plaza de Espana, Alcazaba and Cueva de Nerja are among the attractions. Average spend price £ 53.

3-Algarve / Portugal

The Algarve region is the southernmost in Portugal. You can visit many places in algerve. Lagos, Lisbon and Sagres are the main places to visit. There is also a racetrack for racing fans here. The fish culture at Alvarge was highly developed when it was found in the Mediterranean. Here you can visit the beaches such as Ponta da Piedade, Praia Da Amoreira. Average spend price £ 49.

2-Marmaris / Turkey

There is no doubt that Marmaris is one of the best resorts in our country. There are many places to see around Marmaris which is one of the important tourist centers. Beach houses in Marmaris is widely purchased and rented by British nationals who adore the sea view and seaside, and many who apply to obtain a Turkish residence permit ID card to stay longer to live in Turkey. Marmaris beaches and bays, Marmaris Castle, Marmaris Museum, Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai are places you should see. In addition, the opportunity to taste the delicious dishes of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine in Marmaris you can find it. Average price to spend £ 44

1-Sunny Beach / Bulgaria

Thanks to its growing popularity, a new facility opens every year. Gift shops and seafood shops weigh in. Bulgaria's Las Vegas with 24-hour nightlife to Sunny Beach is why it is called. Average spend price £ 30. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria's best-known holiday region, is an attraction for British and Irish tourists especially with its uninterrupted sandy beach of up to 8 kilometres.