Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship

Here Are The Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship To Foreigner Nationals

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Here are the countries that allow dual citizenship

  • The Australian government allows citizens to have multiple citizenship. In this country, citizenship can be granted in two or more countries.
  • Belgium is one of the easiest and Best Countries to obtain a second citizenship. If you have established ties in the country and keep your nose clean, it could be as fast as three years as a Belgian citizen.
  • He has a second Estonian passport, which is essentially from Russia, although technically no permit has been obtained. The Estonian government may allow naturalized citizens to continue their current citizenship. However, naturalized citizens who obtain another citizenship after naturalization lose their Estonian nationality. However, Estonians by birth are not subject to this provision, as Estonian citizenship is determined by "blood" and cannot be taken from anyone.
  • Bulgarians have the right to multinational citizenship. Those who have renounced citizenship in the past can take it back.
  • Albania allows dual citizenship. It encourages and allows Canadian citizens to benefit from dual citizenship status.
  • China technically bans dual citizenship. China has stated that it considers its citizens to be exclusively Chinese, in accordance with the policy of many countries, including the United States.
  • Chile also allows dual citizenship.
  • It allows multiple citizens in the Czech Republic as of 2014.
  • Italy considers anyone whose ancestors were Italian bloodied as an Italian citizen before requesting a passport . As long as you can prove your Italian ancestry, you can become an Italian citizen.
  • Latvia has released its laws in order to have another nationality (or more than one citizen).
  • Pakistan accepts dual citizenship for its citizens. However, certain voting rights of dual citizens, those who serve in the military or have any number of public office or civil servant jobs, are prohibited.
  • Japan is one of the countries receiving the most migrants in the world. It does not allow citizens to pursue other allegiances and forces children who hold multiple passports to choose what they want to protect when they become adults.
  • Technically, Panama does not allow dual citizenship. The Panamanian government wants you to take an oath that includes the removal of your previous citizenship.
  • Gaining citizenship in the Philippines is almost impossible for foreigners ( though residency is easy ), but Filipinos who obtain a second citizenship generally do not lose their Philippine passports.
  • Until 1995, South Africa banned its citizens from traveling on foreign passports. A law enacted in 2004 removed and replaced a requirement that would have forced those claiming dual nationality to apply for leave.
  • In 2001, Sweden renounced a longstanding policy of having banned dual nationals. Now, Swedish citizens can obtain other passports, and foreigners applying for citizenship in Sweden can maintain their current citizenship.
  • While Norway offers one of the world's most valuable passports, it generally does not allow Norwegian citizens or persons naturalized as Norwegian to hold an additional citizenship. The only general exception is for those who refuse to release from former citizenship.
  • Syria often allows its citizens to have other passports. But to become a Syrian citizen, you have to marry a Syrian and live in that country for ten years.
  • Britain is restricting its citizens from being of other nations. However, British citizens may lose their ability to obtain a British passport if they gain another citizenship in foreign countries where they live (e.g., Anguilla citizens).
  • Those who receive a foreign citizenship lose their Andorran citizenship. Dual citizenship is not allowed in Andorra.
  • Bahrain has a long tradition of granting citizenship to citizens who are a major contributor to the small Middle Eastern country, while several Gulf states prohibit dual nationality except for holding passports.
  • El Salvador holds dual citizenship only for those who acquire El Salvadorean citizenship by birth. Naturalized citizens may not have more than one citizen.
  • Does India allow dual nationality? Unfortunately, the answer is "no." However, due to demands from its diaspora, the country introduced the Overseas Citizenship Program. The Program offers a passport-like document but does not replace the travel document and does not accept Indian citizenship.
  • While Indonesian authorities are trying to allow citizens to have more than one citizen , no such law exists yet, and Indonesians may not have other citizenship.
  • In general, Dutch citizenship prohibits an additional naturalization. There are exceptions, however, Dutch people who obtain another citizenship at birth, or their spouses living in a country where they are citizens. Achieving dual citizenship is possible with the permission of the Prime Minister.
  • Slovakia limits dual citizenship in many cases. However, dual nationality is allowed for those who obtain their passport through birth or marriage.
  • Thailand, one of the world's Emperor countries, prohibits dual nationality.
  • Currently, Ukraine does not readily accept dual citizenship. They were even considering serving sentences of up to ten years in prison for their dual nationality. It is possible to have another nationality, but if the government finds out about it, you could be in trouble.