Driving In Turkey

Driving Your Car In Turkey

Remember to Give Way to traffic to your left when using a roundabout.

Do not pull into the center of the road when trying to turn left if there is a solid white line in the road. There are special lanes for this maneuver called a gobek.

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There are very strict rules about drinking and driving and random checks are common. A normal punishment for being found in charge of a vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol is a driving ban of 1 to 4 years and a fine or a series of weekend arrests up to 12 weekends long.

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Parking is illegal in areas where No Parking signs are displayed. If you park in an area where parking is not permitted or stay parked for longer than is permitted in a valid space, your vehicle can be towed away and you will need to pay a fine to release it.

Speed monitoring is now very common in Turkey and any fine issued, needs to be paid on the spot. The fines are normally calculated in accordance with the number of kilometers over the speed limit a motorist was traveling; therefore, take note of the speed limits and stick to them.

Fines can also be given out to motorists who are not carrying with them 2 red warning triangles, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, spare bulbs, their driving license, their insurance documents and their vehicle registration document.

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As in the UK, it is now illegal in Turkey to use a mobile telephone whilst driving unless a hands-free kit is used, which does not require an earpiece. A hefty fine will be imposed for this offense.

It is also illegal in Turkey not to wear a seatbelt in the front or the rear of a vehicle where they are fitted and fines will be imposed for this offense. For children 12 years age and over, wearing a seat belt is compulsory while traveling in the front of the vehicle.

Remember - there are toll roads in Turkey, so keep some change handy with you when out driving.

If you are a motorcyclist, you must always wear a helmet outside of a built-up area.

Any motorist leaving their vehicle on the hard shoulder must wear a high visibility jacket if they are outside of the vehicle.

All objects, which can distract a driver, but are not banned from vehicles, such as TV screens and DVD players.

If someone buys a second hand car which has finance still owed on it from a previous owner or other debts secured on it, the new owner will be responsible for paying them. This is why you must have a history check carried out on any second hand car similar to the HPI system in England.