Foreign Buyers Prefer To Buy Housing In Antalya Istanbul And Aydin

Foreign Buyers Prefer To Purchase Housing In Antalya, Istanbul And Aydin

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According to a report from Turkish real estate agency in Antalya, in year 2013 the statistics of TUIK showed that a total of 1 million 157 thousand houses were sold in Turkey, where 12 thousand units were purchased by foreign international buyers. Among the popular locations where housing developments and projects continue Antalya homes is taking the lead, followed by Istanbul property and Aydin apartments.

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After the lift of the Reciprocity law for foreigners, there has been a high demand for buying a property in Turkey due to the ease of the buying process. The total amount of 12 thousand houses sold to foreigners, does not include ongoing developments and projects that yet has turned into a tapu (deed title). Up till today 124 thousand 311 Turkish houses and property has been purchased by foreigner citizens in Turkey.

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Over the last 15 years Turkey has turned into an international hot spot not only for UK, France and Germany, but for people all around the world including Russia, China and the USA. Turkey has become the 6th largest economy in Europe while jumping from 23rd spot to the 16th strongest economy in the world.

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At 8% GDP per year Turkey's growth rate is predicted to increase over the next 5 years, where by year 2023 the Turkish AKP ruling government has plans to add Turkey into one of the worlds super nations.

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