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Glossary of Turkey Real Estate Legal Terms By Law

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Abone - Connection for getting access to municipality electrical power and water.

Arazi kayit cikar - Extract record from land register.

Arsa - Plot of land.

Askiya alma durumu - A condition under which a juridical consequence only occurs if certain other circumstances and assumptions occur prior to it.

Avukat - Lawyer.

Banka hesap - Bank account

Banka belgesi - Certificate from the bank that confirms the purchase price has been paid.

Belediye Vergileri - Municipal or local taxes.

Binalar vergisi - Local tax on new constructions.

Bono - Security payment or deposit.

Borc - Debt payment.

Cek karne - Cheque voucher.

Co-sahipleri - Co-owners.

Damga vergisi - Stamp duty.

Daire - Apartment.

Deger artis - Tax levied on the increased in value of a property.

Emlak vergisi - Property tax.

Emlak Vergisi Emlak Piyasasi - Common ground tax. .

Emlak ve intikal vergisi - Death duty and inheritance tax.

Emlak - Property or possession.

Faiz - Interest rate for money.

Gayrimenkul sahibi - Owner of property or possession.

Gercek deger - Actual value.

Gruplandirma - Combining parcels of land.

Gelismemis arsa - Land protected from building.

Gelistirilebilir arazi - Land that can be built on.

Halk acik sirket - Public limited company.

Hakim - Judge in court.

Is proje yurutme - A proposal for building, held until permission is granted.

Insaat kesin kabul - Final acceptance of the construction.

Is bitirme belgesi - Certificate from the Architect that confirms the construction work has been completed.

Kadastro degeri - The official value of property, calculated by the town hall for tax purposes.

Kanun - Law for justice.

Kanuni - Legal.

Kat karsiligi sozlesme - A contract between a builder and the owner of a property.

Kayit sartlari - Noted encumbrances on the property in the land register.

Kefil - The right of one party to retain monies paid thus far in the event that one or more contractual obligations are not met by the other party.

Kentsel arazi - Urban or built up land.

Kira - rent of property.

Kira sozlesmelerinin devri - Payment for the transfer of rental or lease contracts normally for an established business.

Kira Sozlesmesi - Rental contract.

KDV (Katma deger Vergisi) - Value added tax.

Kentsel Kira Sozlesmeleri Yasasi - Urban rental law.

Kiracilar hukuku - Tenants law.

Kucuk is izni - Permission for small construction works.

Kismi plan - Partial development plan of a community or urbanization.

Koruma irtifak alani - Protected area up to 200 meters inland from the coast certain rules governing construction are in place.

Limited sirket - Company with limited liability.

Maksimum kat alani - The maximum construction area.

Mehkeme - Court

Mevduat - Deposit.

Medeni Kanunu - Civil law.

Mimarlar odasi - Official body of architects.

Mulkiyet kaydi - Right of way/access rights.

Mulkiyet Kayiti - Registered plot of land, either with or without buildings.

Mortgage - Mortgage. Maksimum doluluk - The maximum permitted roof area of a property.

Mulkiyet kaydi - Land registrar.

Noter - Public notary office.

Opsiyon sozlesmesi - A contractual option that may be exercised at a future date.

Oranlar - Rates.

Ozel kentlesme - Private community or development.

Ofis kullanimi - To use as an office.

Pafta - The number of a registered plot.

Planlama Delegasyonu - Surveyor's office responsible for granting building permits.

Rehine - Seizure or retention.

Rayic - Assumed value of real estate as a base for the property tax.

Savci - Prosecuter in court.

Sabit odenek - Appropriation of a property over a certain period of time( fixed).

Sinirlarindan Ayirma - Minimum distance between neighboring properties.

Sahil koruma alani - The Government department that is responsible for the protection of the coastline.

Satin alma tasdikname - A certificate of purchase issued by the notary.

Serh - Note of conveyance. Protection of the purchaser for a certain period of time against further registrations.

Sakinler için vergi yukumlulugu - Unlimited tax obligation for residents.

Satin alma fiyati - Purchase price.

Sanitasyon - Liability for defects.

Sahip - Taking possession.

Tarla - Plot of land, either with or without buildings.

Tescil kaydi - A document prepared by a notary when adding a property to the land register.

Tescil yazisi - Procedures for registration in the land register if the basic principle of the continuous registration was interrupted.

Topluluk mulkiyet - Community of owners in an urbanization.

Toprak Kanunu - Ground law.

Teknisiyen - Person who checks the installation of electrical points etc. and advises on architectural safety matters.

Transit Irtifak Hakki - Separation of a part of the property.

Vadesiz hesap - Non-interest bank account.

Vergi dairesi - Tax office.

Vergi aktarin - Purchase tax on real estate, expressed as a percentage of the amount detailed in the tapu.

Vergi numarasi - Tax identification number for residents.

Vekil - Representative of a party at the court, besides the lawyer.

Vergi matrahina - Official value of property, calculated by the town hall and used to generate the rate of ground tax.

Villa - A villa or type of property.

Yeni insaat Beyani - The declaration by a notary of the construction of new buildings.

Yuzey haklari - Land rights.

Yapi izni - Building permission.

Yuce divan - Supreme court

Yuksek mehkeme - High court

Yurtdisi personel kimlik sayisi - Tax identification number for non-residents.

Yurt disi yerlesikler icin sinirli vergi yukumlulugu - Limited tax obligation for non-residents.

Zemin - Floor (ie. in an apartment building).

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