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Foreigners Didn't Listen To The Pandemic In Turkey Housing Purchase

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  • The sale of Housing to foreigners in Turkey has been increasing every month compared to last year since the flights reopened in August. In Antalya, which is second in the ranking of the provinces where foreigners buy the most housing, citizens of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), European countries and Iran, respectively, receive housing. In Antalya, foreigners prefer residences with 2 plus 1 and 1 plus 1, furnished and smart home systems.
  • Many citizens of countries buy housing in Turkey for investment, long-term living or vacation purposes in the summer. March July August sales increased as flights were gradually reopened in the sector, where sales have fallen due to the cessation of international flights from March to July due to the pandemic.

Foreigner Home Sales Increase 23% In October 2020

  • According to data, as of the end of October, foreigners in Turkey bought a total of 31,797 houses. Total sales fell 13 percent due to the pandemic. In October, 5,331 homes were sold. Compared to October last year, there was an increase of 23.1 percent. Turkey has received the most housing, citizens of Iraq, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Britain, Germany, Jordan, Azerbaijan.

Turkey Provinces With The Most House Sales

  • Istanbul real estate took the first place among the provinces where foreigners received the most housing with 14 thousand 424. In the second place, Antalya real estate with 6 thousand 53 dwellings, while other provinces were ranked as Ankara property market; 2 thousand 176, Bursa; 1068, Yalova; 1008, Mersin; 994, Izmir; 731, Samsun; 698, Sakarya; 678, Mugla; 613.

  • In October, in all of these nine provinces except Bursa, the sale of Housing to foreigners increased compared to last year.

Buying Turkish Houses While Coming On Holiday

  • Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Foreign Investment Council Member and Helmann construction company owner Selman Özgün, foreigners in Turkey most preferred housing at the beginning of the provinces of Antalya came, especially Russians, Germans, British, Iranians in the form of demands sorted said. Original said that guests who come to Antalya on vacation from abroad do not want to return, some of them constantly, some of them also buy housing because they want to live in Antalya during a certain period of the year.

Turkish Home Sales Increased From August Onward

  • Flight is prohibited when the number of home sales to foreigners in the process of the pandemic experienced decrease compared to last year, flights increased levels of Sales with the opening of the original that the serious, August, September and October months, as in Turkey, in Antalya, he stated that home sales to foreigners also showed an increase compared to last year. Özgün said that this increase continues in the Covid-19 process and that foreigners ' interest in Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Antalya, continues in the purchase of housing.

They're Just Taking Your Suitcase

  • Green and more areas to spend time in the house projects are produced stating that the original, foreigners do not want very large areas, 2 plus 1, 1 plus 1 furnished apartments demand. Heating, cooling is easier, fixed costs are less, security, furnished, will not work, will not spend time, this time can devote to the holiday housing they prefer. Our foreign customers are just picking up their luggage,” he said. Whole System Is On The Mobile Phone

  • Smart home system from a computer or mobile phone, all electronic devices in the House, noting that they can be in control of lights and blinds, the original, this beautiful house in the country side outside the security of foreigners able to check on certain days of the week can levitate, or you can turn on and off lights at certain times against theft from the country went to the Antalya airport, you can set the desired temperature before you get home.

  • Prices start at 40 thousand euros and increase according to size and characteristics, although they vary according to housing and region,” he said.

Iranian Buying Antalya Beach Properties The Most

  • An Iranian couple who bought a residence in Antalya, said that Antalya is a city known in the world, after coming on vacation, they decided to buy an apartment because they admired the beauty, cultural diversity, air, food and kindness of people in the city.

  • An Iranian couple who noted that the apartment offers great convenience due to the fact that it is fully furnished and a smart home system, we just got our suitcase. In the smart system, we can control all devices in the house with a mobile phone. Antalya is a very beautiful and safe city, especially because we have a baby, we feel very safe,” he said.

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