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Istanbul Failed To Get On Investor's Radar And Turkey Business Market

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  • Istanbul hotels that cannot open, offices that remain idle, shopping malls that are struggling for life, logistics data centers that are growing in importance, and the real estate and retail sector are in total transformation with accelerating trends after the corona virus epidemic.
  • For European investors, with Germany's performance in the fight against Covid-19 as a country, Berlin stands out as the city with the highest investment expectations in 2021, while Istanbul, the only city represented in the list of 31 European cities, was ranked 30th.

Downsizing Expected In Europe

  • Pricewatercoopers and Urban Land Institute (ULI) research on the real estate sector with different dimensions emerging trends in real estate Europe 2021 report showed that capital flow to the sector in the pandemic effect will still be more local and European.
  • The research was prepared with the opinions of 1,000 professionals across Europe working in the real estate and retail sector. In the survey, more than 40 percent of investors expected a deterioration in the world economy over the next 5 years, while investors pointed out that more medium-sized cities were potentially ahead after migration movements to small cities and less populated areas after the pandemic.

Countries Hit By World Tourism Travel

  • The report also highlighted the difficulties in hotel investment returns. "Tourism and travel account for 9.1 percent of European GDP. But in countries such as Greece (20.8%), Portugal (16.5%), Spain (14.3%) Italy (13%) and Turkey (11.3%), this figure is higher” the countries that may experience the most problems in this area were listed.

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