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Istanbul Kanal Will Be The New Real Estate Alternative To The Bosphorus Strait

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The Crazy Project Kanal Istanbul Is On International Tender For Completion

The Kanal Istanbul project which is known among Turkish public as the crazy project, has been on the Turkish news and media agenda from period to period since 2012. This huge world event 45 kilometer project is soon to under go a tender process by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transportation for the development stage and means 1.5 billion cubic meters of Earth will be moved to open the new channel right through.

The EIA process of the Kanal Istanbul project, which is projected by the Ministry of transport and infrastructure, is carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. A protocol was signed between the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Ministry of Transport and infrastructure in 2018 to plan the new city to be built around the Canal Istanbul.

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World Map Will Witness 2 World Famous Bosphorus Straits Into The Black Sea

The project on solicitation be implemented to be complete in 5 years duration with Build-Operate-Transfer model. But still some oppose about the risk of landslides, fault lines, unsafe island formation. So what impact will the project have on Istanbul and the public real estate?

The Association of the Chamber of Engineers and architects of Turkey (TMMOB) Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board announced one of the most important water resources of Istanbul, Sazlıdere will also be in danger and maybe be destroyed that is against Turkish Laws

According to the protocol, IBB and Iski's land along the canal route will be transferred to Toki. Revenue from all areas transferred to Toki will also be used to finance the canal. The project will start at Küçükçekmece Lake on the European side of Istanbul and continue through Sazlıdere Dam Basin through Şahintepe District, reaching the Black Sea from the east of Terkos Lake.

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The Istanbul Straight Will Be 45 Kilometers Long

The conceptual displacement works of the existing infrastructure of other institutions and organizations on the project route, which will be 45 kilometers in length, were prepared in agreement with the related institutions. Kanal Istanbul, whose project cost is 75 billion liras, is planned to be implemented with a model of Public Private Cooperation.