Turkey Location Guide: Kemer

Buying Kemer Property In Turkey For Holiday, Investment and Citizenship

Kemer Beach and Marina Resort is Located 30 Km Drive From Antalya, Turkey

The Kemer region of Turkey could well be the most deserving choice for your summer vacation travel plans. Treat yourself with a vacation in the lands of unparalleled beauty, historical charm and cultural richness.

Kemer offers you a typically Mediterranean flavor in its climate, landscape and over all atmosphere. You can experience the best of both Mediterranean beauty and Turkish diversity in your vacation to Kemer. The place is justly called the Turkish Riviera due to its natural and archeological wealth.

Kemer is a comprehensive tourist destination. With its versatile attractions it can surely be a memorable summer travel option. It is well connected to the rest of Turkey and can be reached by sea via ferryboat services. Kemer also has an international airport with flights to several major cities.

Turkey Tourism, Marinas and Turkey Government Investment Kemer

  • Europe's biggest Deep Fear entertainment center --2012
  • Europe's biggest dinosaur Dino Park entertainment center --2012
  • Two double-lane highway infrastructure 26 km --2012
  • Tahtali mountain cable car 2400 m --2009
  • Kemer Marina 200 boats

History of Kemer

The Kemer region has been a cause of attraction to different civilizations from the ancient past. It has been famed as the “Heaven on earth” from as long back as the 1st century BC. This naturally elegant place was only bettered by consecutive arrivals of different races. The natural wealth of Kemer was augmented by rich cultural and historical attributes. It covered Pamphylia or “the land of all tribes”.

The multifaceted history of Kemer begins with the advent of the Pergamum King Attalus, who reached the place in search of an earthly paradise. The Romans who lent their own touch to the city followed him. The Byzantines, Seljuk Turks and Ottomans all flourished in this ancient city and enriched it.

Kemer Attractions

The biggest attraction of Kemer is its exquisite natural beauty. Kemer gives you the best of Mediterranean climate with long summers, pleasant winters and lots of sunshine. So enjoy your summer travel to the fullest at this perfect holiday destination. The natural elegance of Kemer is well complemented by its plenteous historic past.

The City Walls and the Hadrian Gate are historical remnants of the rich Roman style. These structures are hot favorites of tourists. Kaleici is the heart of Kemer and has been the nerve center of the city from its historic past. Consequently, it’s a showcase of its vibrant archeological wealth. The spot has also been restored recently to fit in modern hotels, malls, restaurants and entertainment joints. The renovations bagged the biggest prize in tourism. So why not spend that vacation in the best destination.

The Kemer Museum is one of the most renowned archeological museums of the world. Other spots of interest are the Kesik Minaret of the Byzantine era, the Yivli Minaret of the Seljuks, the Karatay Medresesi, Hidirilk Tower, Ahi Yusuf Mescidi, Iskele Mosque, Murat Pasa Mosque, Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque and Balibey Mosque. There are many Hans or inns in the typical Seljuk and Ottoman fashion.

Kemer also forms a pivotal junction for your travel to other spots of interest in Turkey. The popular options are the historically rich locations of Termessos, Perge, Sillyon, Aspendos, Pamukkale and Cappadocia.

Kemer Bars and Restaurants

Spice up your summer travel with the culinary delights that Turkey has to offer. Traditional Turkish cuisine begins with starters called Meze. The main meal consists of mouth-watering kebabs and fish preparations. The chart toppers in Turkish desserts include pastries and puddings like lokma and sutlac.

Raki is the traditional alcoholic beverage while ayran is a soothing yoghurt drink. A variety of wines, juices and soft drinks are also widely available.

Kemer has myriads of bars, restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the city. The city center Kaleici offers many stylish eating joints and bars. You can also find places to party the night away. Kemer also offers the latest vogues like MacDonald’s.

Shopping in Kemer

Kemer has a lot to offer to the shopping freaks. You can enjoy your vacation while picking up whatever catches your fancy. Traditional Turkish shopping knick-knacks popular with tourists are textiles, gold and copper work, carpets, leather goods and souvenirs.

You can find loads of interesting items in the large market called Dogugaraj. For buying branded modern items and day-to-day requirements the Migros shopping malls are a perfect choice.