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Turkish Bank Mortgage For Non-Nationals To Buy Property And Real Estate

Financial matters and in particular, mortgages, can be easy things to deal with, especially if you do feel that you are fully informed on the subject. After consulting your agent or local bank representative you to be able to have sufficient information about Mortgages to Foreigners to help you understand the process inside out, whether you are looking to apply for your first mortgage, looking to transfer your mortgage to a new lender or maybe purchase a second property with a mortgage.

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Our financial partner Deniz Bank provides a straightforward independent guide to mortgages in Turkey to foreigners where any technical terms will be explained thoroughly to ensure the information is easy to read and understand.

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in Turkey (BDDK) is an independent regulator set up by the government to monitor the Financial Services Industry and protect consumers. The Financial Services Authority regulates the majority of mortgages sold meaning to Turkish citizens or non-nationals that the mortgage lenders now have to meet certain standards set by the Financial Services Authority.

These standards include:

  • Ensuring that charges are not excessive.
  • Providing clear information to potential clients in a standard format, which has been overseen by the FSA. This should make it easier for the customer to compare services and mortgage quotes from different lenders and banks.
  • Offering greater protection should a person get into arrears with their mortgage payments.
  • Ensuring price information (including apr) in any marketing material and mortgage advertising is clear and easy to understand.
  • Offering a suitable mortgage to a person based on the information they provide when they approach a lender to seek advice.

As well as bank mortgages rates being high in Turkey ranging from 0.90% to 1.10% monthly, as of 2018, Turkish non-nationals can get max 50% mortgage on real estate, and Turkish nationals are limited to max 70% loans by regulation. This is a government policy to encourage additional (under the pillow savings) cash flow to circulate into the economy.

The above mentioned standards should now assist in ensuring that customers have a better understanding of the options open to them when applying for a mortgage.