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10 Thousand Year Old Ancient City Is Being Brought To Tourism In Milas

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10 thousand-year-old Herakleia Latmos ancient city, located in the Milas district of Muğla, was announced that work has been started to bring it to cultural tourism.

A multi-participation meeting was held for the works to be carried out in the ancient city of Herakleia Latmos (Latmos Herakleia) under the chairmanship of the governor of Muğla. Meeting, Governor of Muğla, Governor of Menteşe and Deputy Governor, Deputy Governor, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Dr. It was carried out with the participation of, Provincial Director of Environment Urbanism, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry and other heads of institutions.

At the meeting, archaeologist and head of excavation Prof. Dr., "Heraklia made a presentation about the ancient city of Latmos.Söğüt, Provincial Director of Culture and tourism in the presentation Dr. He said that they examined the ruins in place, that there were structures from two separate settlements at the foot of Mount Latmos and in the port, that with its 10 thousand-year-old historical ruins and natural beauty, it is possible for this region to be opened to the world again after thousands of years.


A written statement from the governor of Muğla, “10 thousand years ago from the present, from somewhere else unique rock paintings, which forms the western boundary of the Hittite Empire in the post, the Hellenistic and Roman structures, a visit from another cave with the shepherd Endymion Artemis discussed in the light of the moon at night, the sturdy construction and rich frescoes of the Byzantine period and the Ottoman period structure with tombstones monuments of Menteshe today, the original House of the example of the presentation that was given at the end were instructed by the governor of annealed commencement of the work,” the statement said.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Turkish Ministry of culture and tourism, routing and information signs to be made of the ancient roads to be cleared for the making in certain areas of rescue excavations, the remains of which can be found here the constructions after cleaning, the way the trip to the arrangement of the structures to ensure that it is easily visible and navigable, all of them waiting for a solution outside of other problems, it was decided that a specific plan should be completed within gradually.

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