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What Does A Public Notary Do In Turkey

Notary in Turkey is very different from a solicitor. He is, above all, a publicly appointed official. He does not carry out the important pre-contract inquiries normally performed by a UK solicitor. The notary for purchasing a property in Turkey is primarily used for the purpose of translating your passport and giving your agent or lawyer a power of attorney to track your purchase papers, application for utilities.

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In Turkey estate agents may assure you that you have no need for a lawyer, as the notary will carry out all the necessary work. This is not so. You should appoint your own lawyer. You would not purchase a property in the UK without instructing your own legally qualified representative, and you should adopt exactly the same approach in Turkey, where if anything, the problems facing the unwary are greater.

Your lawyer should have knowledge of both Turkish and British taxation and inheritance law, as well as Turkish property law. There are notary's in Turkey who speak English well and have some knowledge of English law and procedures. Whether any of them have detailed knowledge of Scottish, Northern Irish or Irish law I question. In addition, there are some British lawyers who have chosen to specialize in this area. There are also a few Turkish lawyers who have moved to the UK, are dual qualified and represent clients purchasing property in Turkey.

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This is an extract from The Expat Guide to Living and Working in Turkey, by Expat Arrivals. Further details on this subject are to be found in The Expat Guide to Living and Working in Turkey.