Real Estate Valuation Services

Real Estate Valuation Minimum Wage Tariff Hike


In accordance with the decision of the Capital Markets Board published in the Official Gazette, the minimum wage tariff for real estate valuation was increased.

The Capital Markets Board (CMB) announced a minimum wage tariff for Real Estate Valuation Services for 2021.

The tariff on real estate valuation services to be given by members of the Association of Appraisers of Turkey was published in the Official Gazette today.

Accordingly, it can be used in Vineyard, garden, field, agricultural field, special forest, etc. in areas 1 – 20 thousand square meters gross area of land valuation fee 791 TL to 850 TL, in plots 100 thousand 1 square meter and above areas valuation fee 1.949 TL to 2 thousand 150 TL was increased.

The valuation fee for buildings with a gross area of 1-250 square meters in houses, offices or offices that have gained the qualification of an independent department increased from TL 719 to TL 793. The valuation fee, which increased from TL 897 to TL 990 on 251-500 square meters of buildings, increased from TL 1,077 to TL 1,188 on 501 - 1,000 square meters of areas.


Shop, plaza, Business Center etc. the valuation fee for 101-500 square meters of buildings increased from 934 TL to 1,031 TL, while the valuation fee for 501-2 thousand square meters of buildings increased from 1,151 TL to 1,271 TL

Thus, the lowest valuation fee for housing, office or office, which became independent section in the list published for residences and businesses, rose to 793 TL, while in areas such as shops, plaza, Business Center, the lowest valuation fee was 871 TL.


The valuation fee for buildings with a gross area of 1-2 thousand square meters in real estate used for service purposes was increased from 1,645 TL to 1,669 TL, and the valuation fee for buildings between 5 thousand and 10 thousand square meters was increased from 2,973 TL to 3,16 TL.

Production, storage and industrial qualified buildings for the lowest valuation fee 723 TL to 777 TL while the highest valuation fee 6 thousand 986 TL to 8 thousand 102 TL was increased.

According to the tariff, the current tariff will be applied as 30 percent of the fee at valuations made to determine the level of completion of the Turkey property under construction.

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