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Pandemic Boosts Demand For Shops In Baghdad Street, The Best Place In Istanbul Turkey

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Pandemic boosts demand for shops on Baghdad Street Istanbul Turkey

Because of the corona virus outbreak, those who did not want to enter closed areas began to turn to open areas instead of Istanbul Shopping Centers.President of the Baghdad Street Association, said that people prefer cafes and shops on the street, and that demand for empty shops on the street is increasing.

News real-estate Pandemic boosts demand for shops on Istanbul Baghdad Street

  • Because of the corona virus in Turkey outbreak, Turkish people prefer to be in open areas, avoiding entering closed areas. Those who did not want to go to shopping malls in Turkey began to turn to shops and cafes on the streets. Demand for empty Turkish shops has increased on Baghdad Street, one of the most important Turkish shopping points in Turkey.
  • April March September 2019, starting in the process until April 2020, interest rates cut the housing almost depleted. That was our goal to create the association. For many years, we had a serious problem that we lost to Antalya shopping malls for our shopping mall merchandising. But after March 2020, when normalization began on June 1, the process occurred in the direction that people would not prefer to go indoors and stay in outdoor areas,” he said.


  • “So suddenly, not only Baghdad Street, but also Apartments in Istanbul Istiklal and Nisantasi began to see terrible demand, noting that with the pandemic, customers preferred open spaces and demand for shops Ankara on the street increased. We had about 116 empty shops Turkish commercial, according to our Turkey real estate association's figures. We had a gap of about 20 percent. As of now, it's down to about 70.


  • June and October 46 shops, 4-5 months in the process was rented out. The chances of 70 shops remaining are slim because there is constant demand. A renovation began in the empty How to buy Turkey real estate and shops. Once every two days or twice a week, the shops began to be rented out. One reason is that the pandemic seriously affected the Bodrum shopping center, and shopping center customers came to the street,” he said.


  • Before the pandemic, customers came to the Istanbul cafes and restaurants for sale Turkey in on Baghdad Street the evening, but remained empty at noon. At the moment, all the stores, restaurants and cafes, including noon, are full.

  • One reason is that universities linked to the pandemic are closed, and young people have filled cafes that are spread out on side streets, mainly in open spaces. Friday Saturday Sunday was not a customer problem. Now both weekdays, weekends and noon hours are also up.
  • The majority of places opened are cafes and restaurants on side streets. There are brands floating from shopping malls, but there are also many cafes and restaurants. Cafes are mainly on side streets.

  • There are almost 4-5 cafes on every side street, "Turkish iClassified ceo spokesman said". on the news conference.

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