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Beware Of The Timeshare Market Scams In Turkey


The Turkish Parliamentary petition Sub-Commission reported problems in the 'timeshare' and 'timeholiday' sector in Turkey. Gift holiday', 'free food', 'free yacht trip' such as promises invited to the resort consumers were forced to sign contracts with different marketing methods. The report called for police and gendarmerie checks at locations where timeshare and timeshare sales along Turkey coasts were made.

Created within the framework of the Turkish parliamentary petition Commission, ‘Sub-Commission to investigate claims of victimization in the timeshare and timeshare sectors and to determine the measures that can be taken’ completed its work and turned it into a report. The Sub-Commission examined the complaints petitions received by the parliamentary petitions Commission regarding the sector and conducted reviews in accordance with the complaints of the victims.

In the commission report, it was stated that some companies operating in the timeshare sector from thousands of citizens signed contracts by applying psychological pressure to consumers, commitments were not fulfilled, enforcement monitoring was initiated about consumers, complaints and demands such as punishment of company officials were examined. In the report, some vendor-provider contracts between companies and consumers defrauded consumers and consumers to buy goods and services is made of certain irregularities in benefit-although they are subject to various enforcement proceedings included a determination on the grounds that they are paying dues.


Created in the parliament, the Commission to investigate the victimization of timeshare and timeshare in the sector, it was announced that there are 700 thousand victims of timeshare in Turkey, and they have reached 2 million people together with their families.

Created in the parliament, the Commission to investigate the victimization of timeshare and timeshare in the sector, it was announced that there are 700 thousand victims of timeshare in Turkey. The number of victims reaches 2 million people with their families.

Selling from the model and running away or leaving the construction half-way, selling a thousand timeshare properties to 50 thousand people and collecting annual dues companies, millions of Turkish Liras in profit, said Commissioner who claimed he was a victim and could not sell the timeshare.


A chemical engineer who informed the commission on behalf of the thermal victims platform, said: “with legally invalid contracts, duplicate sales are made. There's no plot, people are being deceived by invalid contracts. Empty land is sold through a model. There's one example. You buy it cheap, when it's over, you buy it for 2, you sell it for 10. Dues are collected from victims for timeshare, which is also not available," he said.


The victim, who was a driving teacher, told the commission about the process she experienced in buying a fake timeshare:

"I bought a timeshare from the land in 2016, they said it was delivered 30 months later, but not even a nail was nailed. People create imaginary models, slideshows, fictitious marketing methods in luxury salons, create dreams of taking a lifetime vacation, sign invalid contracts and promissory notes.

Olive groves and farmland are shown, and construction is promised to begin soon. No timeshare, no interlocutor on the date of delivery. Even if you sue, the companies are emptied, the money cannot be returned. The savings generated by bonuses, compensation and tooth-to-nail increases of those who usually prefer conservative, elderly, retired, widows and thermal holidays are being used in the dirty ambitions of these companies.”


Speaking at the commission, a Turkish lawyer emphasized that changes should be made to the Advertising Law; “the sale of timeshare properties should be prevented before the construction is finished or through the model. Protection of timeshare buyers should be ensured by taking collateral and similar measures by the seller company. Company officials who sell from the model and flee or indirectly file bankruptcy or bankruptcy postponement cases should be covered by the crime of fraud,” he said.


'Consumers are invited to the facility with promises such as ‘gift holidays’, ‘free meals’ or ‘free yacht trips’ by accessing their contact information through surveys conducted in shopping malls or the main streets of cities. In this way, consumers are forced to participate in the promotion of ‘timeshare’ in a way that they never expected when they go to the resort, hotel or boat to take advantage of the promised facilities. Caught unprepared, consumers are forced to establish contracts under high music, using different marketing methods by professional sales teams and making attractive promises,” he said.


In the report, trade, environment and Urbanism, Justice, Internal Affairs, treasury and finance, culture and Tourism, Health Ministries, RTUK, notaries Union of Turkey, insurance and pension regulation supervision agency and Insurance Association of Turkey were asked to work in coordination. It was demanded that companies that make timeshare and timeshare facilities provide certain financial criteria for them to operate in the sector, and that firms that cannot meet this should not be allowed. In order to terminate the offensive sale, to obtain full documents related to the sale and to get rid of the psychological pressure of citizens, police, gendarmerie and other law enforcement agencies were requested to be present at the places and facilities where the sale was made. The report also said that firms that sell should be prevented from receiving annual dues at exorbitant prices.


Also the construction of the classification of contractors who do prepaid timeshare resorts, job completion, and fulfillment for prepaid sales do not carry mandatory capital adequacy qualities such as the types of collateral should not be given to companies that do not provide any construction permit, the building and progress of urban transformation projects implemented in the industry that guarantees complete coverage of timeshare prepaid and land records system implementation, issues related to registration and annotation-related issues that should be resolved, it was stated.


The report made the following recommendations for resolving other identified problems:

* Establishment of a mechanism for automatic interpretation of the contract of sale promise related to prepaid circuit holiday to the land registry.

* Concrete work on making the building completion insurance, which is one of the collateral procedures, mandatory insurance to reduce the cost by spreading to the base.

* Conducting separate legal regulation preparation studies for timeshare and timeshare sectors.

* Conducting work to ensure that the investor can be insured and connected to the periodic control/audit/sanction plan by the administration in order to ensure that this happens.

* Conducting work towards the establishment of a semi-public roof professional organization that will regulate the entry and application of companies operating in the areas of construction, sales or service in the circuit holiday sector from a professional point of view and allow them to act with professional care and conduct self-control of the sector. Preparation of a written and signed statement of ethical values related to the structure in question.

* Removal of the condition that the real estate is qualified as a residence in the establishment of a timeshare.

* Reduction of notary fees in sales.