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Turkey Blue Flag Beached From 459 Increases To 486 Beaches Under The ‘Blue Flag program'

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The Blue Flag Program Implemented In 46 Countries Around The World

The number of Blue Flag beaches in Turkey, the last of which was 459, is now 486... this number is increasing every year under the ‘Blue Flag program’ implemented in 46 countries around the world. So we've listed the most beautiful public beaches with blue flags that won't burn your pockets and won't want to return to when you go with their beauty and amenities.

What Is A Blue Flag Beach?

The Blue Flag program for beaches and marinas is run by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), a non-profit international non-governmental organization. The Blue Flag programme was first launched in France in 1985 and has been implemented in Europe since 1987 and in countries outside Europe since 2001, the year South Africa joined. Today, the Blue Flag has become a truly global program with increasing number of participating countries. In summary, The Blue Flag is an international environmental award given to beaches, marinas and yachts. Our country has been participating since 1994 in the Blue Flag campaign organized under the Coordination of International Environmental Education Foundation (FEE) to prevent the pollution of the sea by domestic wastewater on beaches and marinas.

The agency Press, the media monitoring agency, examined the customs of the news about the Blue Flag beaches. According to information compiled by the agency Press and Prnet from the Digital Press archive, 875 reports have been reported to the press about the Blue Flag beach numbers this year.

Looking at the past years, it was observed that this number was 987 in 2019 and 905 in 2018. This year, when the news pieces were examined, the inspection of Blue Flag beaches was on the agenda, while the increase of Blue Flag beaches was observed to be highly talked about especially in local publications. According to expert comments, Blue Flag beaches, holiday resort and hotel were among the distinguishing factors in the selection.

Most Blue Flag Beaches Are Located In Antalya

According to the data obtained by the agency Press from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the current number of Blue Flag beaches in Turkey was 486. While the number of Blue Flag beaches has increased with each passing year, it was observed that there were 459 in 2018 and 444 in 2016. While the city with the most Blue Flag beaches is unchanged, Antalya has maintained its peak decently with 206 beaches. Muğla, which is among the attractions of the second-ranked holidaymakers, has 105 Blue Flag beaches.

There were 52 beaches in Izmir, 35 in Aydin, 31 in Balıkesir and 13 in Çanakkale with a blue flag. In addition to these, 22 blue flag marina in Turkey was announced, 7 Blue Flag yacht was observed.

So we listed the 10 Most Beautiful public beaches with blue flags. Those beaches…

Kızkalesi Public Beach

The Pearl of the Mediterranean is the thin sandy beach of Kızkalesi, the most famous historical point of Mersin. Kızkalesi Beach, which has an immaculate Sea, was awarded with a blue flag. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is its wonderful sea, sandy beach as well as its landscape.

Kızkalesi Beach begins with the Harbour Castle at the far left of the beach and continues towards Silifke. The sea is shallow up to 50 metres forward. The fact that the sea is so shallow and does not suddenly deepen shows the characteristic of being an ideal beach for families with young children.

Kalkan Public Beach

It has a clear and cool sea. Here it is possible to enter the sea in the month of gokuz of the year. "The beach, also known as the Municipal Public Beach, is formed in small pebbles at the exit from the Sea your foot is sandblasted. The clean and well-maintained Beach is located just inside the popular tourist resort of the region.

Whether you can rent a sun lounger at the beach and spend the day, or take small tours in the charming bazaar of Kalkan and return to the cool sea again. The public beach, like its name, is chirpy, intertwined with the public and the resort.

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Cleopatra West and East Public Beach

The famous Cleopatra Beach, which has a length of 2 kilometers, begins at the end of Damlataş Beach in the west of the place known as the historical half island of Alanya. Cleopatra Beach, in addition to having gold-colored sands, the beauty of the sea and the attractiveness of the beach is effective in making this a private beach.

There are many facilities in the vicinity that you can choose from in your accommodation. Since Cleopatra Beach is a public beach, admission to the beach is free. The beach has sun umbrellas and sun loungers that you can use throughout the day.

Kumburnu Public Beach

The beach, which is frequently used as the face of tourism promotion abroad in Turkey, has been receiving a ‘blue flag’ every year since 2005. Kumburnu offers accommodation, restaurants and transportation facilities with calm waters of Ölüdeniz.

The 500-meter long sandbank separating Ölüdeniz from the open sea was selected as the ‘most beautiful coast in the world’ in a survey by Bild newspaper. The inward-facing side of the beach is shallow and undulating, ideal for families with children.

Çeşme Municipality Ilıca Public Beach

Çeşme, one of the most popular holiday routes in Turkey, is very lively every season with its places opening its doors for the first time, renewed businesses and beautiful beaches. This small town of Izmir, which introduces Turkey to 'beach club' entertainment, never ends. Evening parties and live music venues that last until midnight require reservations.

The most beautiful beach in the region is Ilica... Ilıca Beach is especially ideal for families with children, because it is a large distance from the sea. Çeşme is the beach that opens the earliest season, let's say right away. It is also attracted by those interested in kitesurfing.

Genoese Castle And Seaside Beach

Imagine nature views on the Black Sea; deep valleys, waterfalls, clear flowing streams, as much greenery as you can get and hazelnut Gardens... The place where all this is blended is Akçakoca... A small but huge open-air museum connected to Düzce in the western Black Sea... This is one of the Paradise corners of Anatolia, where the sea, nature, history and culture coexist.

It already has a rich herbal variety due to its geographical location. It is located within the Melen stream Basin, which originates from its territory. When you arrive, you will find a clean sea and grain of sand on the 40 km beach. The most beautiful place to enter the sea is the Genoese Castle Beach... This is a Blue Flag beach, many people do not know in the untouched.

Belcekız Public Beach

The road leading from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz through the Pines is 14 km. At the end of the steep road, a great blue appears. This Is Belcekiz Beach. Belcekiz Beach, located in the popular resort of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, is known as the departure point for boat tours.

In ancient times, people on boats and ships came to this area in boats to buy drinking water. The son of the captain of one of these ships fell in love with a beautiful girl named Belcekiz when he went ashore to get water, just like the others. The boy had to stay on the ship, but they met each time he came to get water. However, the boy died in a violent storm one day. And when she realized that the boy she loved was dead, she committed suicide by jumping off rocks. It has a unique beach with its undulating sea like sheets, surrounding greenery and fine sand. The most beautiful are the colorful paragliders that glide over you while you swim…

Şarköy Public Beach

Especially in Istanbul, which is frequented by holidaymakers and whose population is approaching a million in summer, the sea waters pass every year. During the summer months, hotels and hostels are working at full capacity, the cleaning of the sea in Şarköy usually makes faces laugh.

The most beautiful place to enter the sea is Şarköy public beach... I guarantee you'll have a good time here as a family...

Mollakasim Public Beach

This is the Mollakasim public beach on the shores of Lake Van, which is the only Blue Flag beach in Turkey, even though it does not have a seaside beach...

Lake Van, which is the largest lake in the world and the largest lake in Turkey, became one of the places frequented by citizens as the weather warmed up. The height of the Sea is approximately 700 meters, the surface area is 3 thousand 713 square kilometers, and the depth of the Lake Van, which is about 500 meters, attracts attention with its natural beauty and hidden coves.

Damlataş Public Beach In Alanya

It is located on the outskirts of Alanya Castle, in front of Damlataş cave. The beaches of Alanya have an eye-catching beauty of fine and clean sand. Behind these beaches many hotels have been built that serve tourism. The beach is quite wide.

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