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Turkey Embassy / Consulate Operations Abroad Are At A Standstill: No Date Can Be Given

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Turkey's consulates in Europe cannot make appointments due to the corona virus. June August at the earliest new passport appointment can be given by Turkey's diplomatic missions for the population and 4 months after the day for transactions such as Notary Public Power of attorney can give days.

  • Turks abroad cannot process passports and register their children in the population. From Turkish representative offices in many countries, especially in Germany, an appointment is made no earlier than 5 to 8 months later.
  • Those who have run out of passports, those who want to take other actions can take days in a few months. In case of death, it was noted that the procedures were performed very quickly.


  • The so-called “tereke” sections in the consulates work well. After the introduction of the appointment system, it became impossible for a citizen to reach consulates in Germany and other countries of the world. Both appointment procedures are very complicated and re-entry is required for each transaction, and it is almost impossible to get a “timed or short-term appointment”.


  • The passport extension, which used to be done by mail, had changed for some time. In this order, in which a new passport is issued in each application, almost every diplomatic representation of Germany gives days after 7-8 months. The earliest appointment for a passport at the Consulate General in Frankfurt is August 9, 2021.
  • Turks living in Germany has to wait until this date, since he can't even go anywhere and to the motherland without a passport. Residence permits are passport-dependent, and staying in Germany with a finished passport can cause problems ranging from border crossing.
  • March, April or May 2021 to finish the retirement procedures, those who want to go to Turkey, passport appointment because they can not get their rights lose.
  • The consulate general in Frankfurt can give the next day for the new passport to August.


  • In the same way, it is difficult to get an appointment from the population to a recent date for procedures such as birth, identity renewal, or the identity of children, a sample of Population Registration that has occurred. If you apply today, you are given a date of mid-June to issue an ID card for your child or report the birth.
  • If this appointment is missed, it may be delayed until the end of the year due to the intensity.


  • A date in this department is also not easy. However, the earliest date is here. If applied today, an appointment can be made by the Consulate General in Frankfurt in mid-April.
  • Of course, if you appoint a proxy for an emergency attorney's power of attorney, rent problem, house problem, or other legal action, until then there can be a serious loss of citizenship.

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