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Impact Of Pandemic On Turkish Golf Tourism Has Lost $210 Million USD

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  • Antalya, which broke a record with $ 300 million in revenue in golf tourism Turkey last year, has suffered a 70 percent loss this season due to the pandemic. After a $ 210 million loss, golf tourism has its eye on a revival of tourism with the discovery of the vaccine.
  • Antalya, which broke the record in golf tourism in 2019, hosted about 150 thousand golf tourists in 5 star facilities in winter. 16 of the 22 golf courses in Turkey Serik District Belek tourism center located in the city, Northern Europe, Asia, Far East and America is hosting guests in golf tourism. The city, which also hosts tournaments held annually, has also hosted famous players such as Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Lee Westwood.
  • Cahit Sahin, President of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators of Turkey and Antalya Golf specialized Sports Club, said that Turkey is very well known to golf enthusiasts in European countries.
  • 560 thousand games played in Antalya during the season, Sahin said, noting that 14 of the 20 golf courses in Turkey are in Antalya, they started the year 2020 well, but the course was negatively affected by the pandemic.

International Golfer Spends 1.500 Euros A Week Coming For Belek Golf

  • Sahin, who also stated that golf tourism is a factor in the spread of Tourism for 12 months, said: “tourists who come for Golf tourism spend about 1,500 euros per week. The climate is beautiful. It would have been very different if it hadn't been for the pandemic. There is a lack of morale and motivation along with a loss of income,” he said.
  • Golf tourism in September, British people with intense interest in the figures indicate good sign President Sahin, " Spain and Portugal to go to Turkey did not come across the tourists encountered. It was this gratifying. The British flocked. Then, with the UK closing its doors again, we saw a decline of 70 per cent in an instant,” he said.

Turkey Golf Tourism In Belek Revenues Down 70 Per Cent

  • 5-star facilities in the numbers of the falling record President Sahin, 2021 in the first half of the vaccine and treatment forms with the development of the facilities can serve at full capacity again, he said.
  • In normal times, golf tourism generates revenue of 300 million euros in the season, but due to the pandemic, who stated that 70 percent of this revenue fell International Golf Tour Operators Association (IAGTO) president and general manager of GLOF Club of Turkey Maxx Royal, Charlie Hawk, “in Spain, $ 5 billion, Portugal $ 2 billion from the figures of golf tourism in the mentions. We aim to get a little closer to these countries with our new golf courses. Our weather conditions, our physical conditions are right for us to win these numbers. New facilities will contribute to achieving these figures. The Ministry of tourism is making a lot of effort at this stage. First, the pandemic must end, " we say.

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