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Turkish Law And Regulation Has Changed! New Era In Turkey Real Estate Agency

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  • According to the Turkish regulation on Turkey property market and domestic trade (for foreigner company owners in Turkey) and Turkish citizens and those who do not have the "Satılık ve Kiralik Emlak Certificate" or no "Authority By Sahibinden" will no longer be able to do Turkish real estate sales and related TAPU legal property sale transactions.

  • The service cost rate for Turkey brokerage services for trading in Turkey may not be more than 4 percent of the sale price of Real Estate in Turkey, excluding value added tax, and for leases, the monthly amount of the rental price may not be more than.
  • An amendment to the regulation in Turkey defining the principles, rules and obligations related to the trade of Turkey Homes real estate was published with the principles related to the issuance, renewal and cancellation of the certificate of authority in the activities of real estate trade.

  • According to the regulation contained in today's issue of the Turkish Official Gazette and amending the regulation on real estate trade, real estate trade can be done by enterprises and contracted enterprises with a Turkish certificate of authority.

  • The authorization Turkiye Emlakçı certificate will be issued by the Provincial Directorate of trade at the location of the enterprise through the real estate Turkish Trade Information System, renewed and cancelled. The authorization document will be issued separately for each business and contract business and cannot be transferred.

  • A place of business in Turkey engaged in the trade of Turkish homes and real estate may not be used for the purpose of residence and no other commercial activity may be engaged in this place of business. With the amendment, we aim to improve the quality of service in Turkish real estate activities, eliminate unfair Property in Turkey competition and prevent informality was after the decision.


  • Among other conditions, responsible Turkish real estate consultants in Turkey must be over the age of 18, at least a Turkish high school graduate, and at least one of the responsible real estate Turkey by agent consultants must have a Level 5 and real estate consultants have a Level 4 professional qualification certificate.


  • Businesses and contract businesses that advertise real estate trade on the Internet will be obliged to comply with the principles and rules set out in the regulation and not to include misleading information and documents to third parties in their ads.

  • Real or legal persons in Turkey who mediate the announcement of Turkey real estate trade on the Internet; if an announcement is made by more than one business or contract entity for the same move, they will immediately remove unauthorized ads from the publication at the request of the business or contract entity that is a party to the authorization agreement for that move.
  • The service cost rate for Turkey brokerage services for trading may not be more than 4 percent of the sale price, excluding value added tax, and for leases, the monthly amount of the rental price may not be more than.
  • Administrative sanctions will be applied to Turkish real estate agents who charge service costs above these limits from our citizens, noting that the upper limit on service costs will be effectively controlled.


  • President of the Istanbul Chamber of Real Estate Agents, made a press release about the new "regulation on Turkey Real Estate trade", that is, the regulation on new real estate brokerage activities. "There is a victimization of about 2 thousand in the Istanbul Chamber of Realtors," Aşa said.
  • ” New Real Estate Regulation " together with 5 June 2018 with the necessary documents before the date of the taxpayer real estate agents, the Provincial Directorate of trade will be able to obtain a certificate of authority by applying.
  • From June October 5, 2018 until October 14, 2020, when the new regulation is published, real estate agents who are real estate agents, have taxpayer and room registration, have a Professional Qualification Examination and a 100-hour training certificate will not be able to obtain a certificate of authority if they are not at least high school graduates.
  • President of the Istanbul Chamber of Realtors, and the president of the Chamber of Realtors of 7 cities, including Bursa, Samsun, Adana, made a press release about the new regulation. In a press release held at a hotel in Pendik, and reported that about 2 thousand real estate agents in Istanbul were victims of the new regulation.
  • “Only in our room, in the Istanbul Chamber of Real Estate Agents, there is a victimization of about 2 thousand. In addition, when we think of those who are members of the Chamber of Commerce and registered with the Chamber of artisans, there was a victimization of about 5 thousand in Istanbul alone. We care about the exercise of our rights.
  • Because in a professional group that is 90 percent unregistered, it is our duty to protect and protect a part that works legally, such as 10 percent. It wasn't very nice when you put them in the same shroud as people we call errands who work off the record like a guy on the street. Because we have seen that the segment that seriously wants to do this work legally is now a victim.
  • It was in this direction that we already demanded the rights. In the real estate sector, where there is a lot of informality, we aimed to have a regulation, a law, and to raise the quality and bar of the market with it. Work has been done in this direction, of course, we thank the Ministry, we normally do not have many complaints about the regulation.
  • It responds to many of our requests; it actually responds to many of our requests because quality increases, high school graduation, a certain education, internship condition comes. But all we are experiencing right now is the trouble from June 5, 2018, the promise made on August 31 has not been kept. There have been grievances about this.
  • We will have requests to our minister and the president to fix this, we will have some requests for correction. For us, this is the most important issue at the moment. We also believe that there will be some difficulties in maintaining the shape and content associated with contracts.”


  • January-August 2020 according to TurkStat data in the period of 1 million 24 thousand 534 housing sales were made.

  • The rate of increase was 42.6% compared to the same period of the previous year.

  • January-August sales of mortgaged houses increased by 263.7% to 473 thousand 114, while other types of sales decreased by 6.3% to 551 thousand 420.

  • During this period, housing units sold for the first time increased by 11.2% to 317,832.

  • Second-hand home sales increased by 63.3% to 706 thousand 702.

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