Turkey Residence Permit

How To Apply For Turkish Residence Permit In Turkey?

By owner property in Turkey before was not a qualification to receive Turkish residence permit. In the old days foreigner who owned real estate in Turkey was permitted to stay for only 1-3 months with the Tourist visa. Now that everything has just become more simple, below explain the new rules and benefits of e-ikamet Turkey residence permit to foreigners.

With following revision within the governing law "Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458" published in the state gazette on 11.08.2013, foreigners who buy property in Turkey shall benefit from the "Family Residency Permit ID card" to live longer and stay permanent in Turkey with ease.

Istanbul Apartment For Rent

The real estate purchase in Turkey of any value can range from a House, Apartment, Land or Hotel and as long as the Deed title remains under your name and may be renewed every year. Upon living in Turkey and residence permit for 5 consecutive years, you are then eligible for Turkish citizenship program and Passport in Turkey.