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How To Buy The Cheap Retirement Property In Turkey?

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A relaxed lifestyle, a fantastic climate, a lower cost of living: these are probably the three top reasons why so many people are choosing to buy retirement property in Turkey. But it’s a huge step to take so what should you consider when you’re looking for your dream retirement home? First and foremost, you need to think about where you want to live.

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Turkey is a huge country and the climate varies significantly from north to south. Some investors avoid the northern regions which can be cold in winter and others avoid the inland regions, where temperatures often drop below zero in the winter. However southern Turkey, Antalya in general is much different where there's 300 days of pure sunshine.

You also need to think about the type of area that you live in. Inland Turkey is tranquil and relaxed but you may find that medical facilities -doctors, hospitals, dentists, opticians and so on -are too far away from you. Likewise, the local availability of shops and tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, builders and others should all be taken into consideration.

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Fortunately, there are thousands of people who have already made the Buy Turkish Property move and are already living the dream. This means that if you choose wisely you’ll have a ready-made support infrastructure from like-minded people living nearby who can give you local advice and support to help you settle in. In fact, many people who retire to Turkey find that it opens a whole new social life for them!

According to a report by the Institute for Public Policy Research published in December 2015, an astounding 71,000 Britons now live in Turkey for at least part of each year and 66,000 full time. Nearly 16,000 homes have been sold to British buyers in the last few years. Houses in Alanya has been on the top list for most.

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In fact, Antalya has been exceptionally responsive to the needs of its growing expat community, providing utilities bills in English, an English help-desk at the council offices, and council organized Turkish Lessons to help new retired foreigners settle in.

If you’ve decided on an area, take the opportunity to enjoy a couple of short breaks there, moreover taking a visit to some of the major amenities around could be worth the while. Flights are inexpensive to Turkey, and if you visit during the low season, you can buy a villa in Antalya at surprisingly low rates.

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Don’t forget to visit during the summer, too, as many areas have a completely different feel to them in the peak season. Time spent holidaying lets you explore the surrounding area and gives you a chance to talk first hand with people from your own country who have already made the move. If you intend to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days with touristic visa, you can stay upto 2 year each instance longer with Turkish residence permit ikamet application  for family.

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The Benefits Of Retiring To Turkey

  • You are guaranteed a good climate in Turkey. Sufferers of arthritis and rheumatism will especially benefit from the mild winters in Turkey.

  • You’ll have a more relaxed lifestyle. You’ll find less stress, more openness and a wonderful feeling of family and community.Your money goes further.

  • The cost if living in Turkey is very reasonable (especially compared to, for example, the UK) and you’ll be able to enjoy a high standard of living.

  • You still get your pension. If you move to Turkey from a country in the EU you can have your state pension paid to your Turkish bank account.

  • It’s easy to get to. With frequent budget charter flights from more than 30 of Turkey's domestic and international airports, traveling back to see your friends and family from Antalya will be easier and cheaper than ever before.

  • The Turkish language is easy to learn.

  • Turkish is one of the easiest languages to master and you’ll soon find yourself speaking like a native.

  • The Turkish language is easy to learn. Turkish is one of the easiest languages to master and you’ll soon find yourself speaking like a native.

  • Turkey has an excellent medical service which, if you’re of retirement age and drawing a pension, is can be free of charge.

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