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Top Beaches In Istanbul and Around Turkey To Go With Nature Away From Corona

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Free beaches next to Istanbul.Go for a day or camp for two or three days. Turkey is a paradise for sea holidays. Because we have all kinds of bays or beaches such as Sandy, Stony, undulating and shallow. For you, we have listed a lot of unknown beaches in Istanbul and close to Istanbul. They are all very sweet. Take your tent, camp, or enjoy the sea for a day. Moreover, admission to most beaches is free.


The beach is located in the village of Kisirkaya, Sariyer District of Istanbul and features a normal public beach. However, it is a little quieter than the other public beaches in Istanbul... The beach, which has a large beach, has no entrance fee. However, a certain price tariff is applied for extra services. In addition, the lifeboat crew provides safety from the sea throughout the day. First of all, after coming to Sarıyer, you can easily reach the village of Kisırkaya by taking the minibuses or the 152 Line bus departing from Hacıosman.


Violet Beach, which serves as a women-only beach every weekday, serves as a mixed beach on weekends. It offers a clean and safe area for Istanbulites who want to cool off. Strangely Violet Beach is among the favorite beaches of the 1990s. 3. Near the bridge, it is located among the popular beaches of Istanbulites with its quiet and clean environment. The beach also has some rules. The facility is alcohol-free and alcohol is strictly prohibited from being brought in from outside. No glass bottles or storage containers are allowed on the beach.


Akçakese village is located 70 km from Istanbul. It is notable for its beach and clean sea. A hidden paradise where those who wish to spend a quiet day enjoy the day together or in accommodation. Akçakese, which has clean air and green vegetation, is a charming area where both Istanbulites and those from outside the city stop to breathe green. After crossing Sile, continue on and the road drops to One Road in and out. You'll cross the pumpkin on your way. You have to take a left at the last Kandirah sign. The next village is Akçakese. Navigation will take you right to the beach. There's no driving on the beach. You leave your cars outside and take a walk. There is also a restaurant in the area. You can reach Akçakese village by following Uskudar 139A, Sisli/Mecidiyeköy bus - 252 and 139A, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Pendik E-3 and 139A, Kadıköy Metro M4 Metro - M4-bus and 139A, Taksim bus 66 - bus - 522ST and bus - 139A. You have some way to walk from the village to the beach. You'll be on the beach in an estimated 20 minutes.


Kilimli is located on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul, next to the provincial border of Kocaeli. There's not a lot of people who know because it's not on the road. To reach Kilimli Bay, you must first go to Agva. It is possible to reach Agva after a journey of about four hours by means of 139A buses departing from Üsküdar. Then you can walk the 5km path or take a taxi for TL 35-40. Or you'll leave in your private car. Setting fires and camping in the area is forbidden because the operation of the beach is rented out, if you camp you are likely to be disturbed by the operators. With its beaches suitable for swimming, it meets expectations. There are areas to set up tents in the vicinity of lone sheep.


Agva Kadırga Bay is a paradise located 7 kilometers east of Agva. You can reach the rock formation similar to the amphitheatre to the east of both the Bay and the bay by a pleasant walk of about 1 km from the village of Deducaklı to the north. Austatic and tectonic plays, cliffs of different heights and platforms, resulting from wave eroding in the Black Sea, have gained the appearance of a giant Amphitheatre. This rock formation is also used as a sun terrace. Also the hills of the rocks are very ideal for picnicking.


Cebeci is a resort village in Kandıra district. He has a magnificent view of Kefken Island. Cebeci Beach, which meets the Blue Flag criteria in 2014, is a great beach of 5-6 kilometers long. The sea water is clean and the beach has a wide and thin sand. In the pre-outbreak period, if you throw needles on weekends in the summer months, the beach is crowded so that it will not fall to the ground after the outbreak is wondering how it will be. It offers accommodation in B & B and boutique hotels located behind the beach. But if you say you can't trust hotels, there are campsites for tents.


Imagine nature views on the Black Sea; deep valleys, waterfalls, clear flowing streams, as much greenery as you can get and hazelnut Gardens. The place where all this is blended is Akçakoca. A small but huge open-air museum connected to Düzce in the western Black Sea. This is one of the Paradise corners of Anatolia, where the sea, nature, history and culture coexist. It already has a rich herbal variety due to its geographical location. It is located within the Melen stream Basin, which originates from its territory. When you arrive, you will find a clean sea and grain of sand on the 40 km beach. The most beautiful place to enter the sea is the Genoese Castle Beach... This is a Blue Flag beach, many people do not know in the untouched.


Çatalca district of Istanbul is a logical alternative for those who want to take a day vacation. Locksmith in particular, a beauty with a fascinating nature where the sea and forest coexis. You can set up tents and camp here. You should definitely add it to your list to have a good time as a family. 10 addresses where you will find peace in Turkey! You'll forget everything around here after the corona.


The islands are always of interest, Burgasada is a quieter island compared to the other three islands. Because, unlike Büyükada, Heybeliada and Kınalıada, it has no appeal other than Kalpazankaya, so it is more secluded. It can be a good alternative, especially on weekdays. The Green of Burgazada and the blue of the Marmara are mixed together, so going to the sea in this beautiful environment will make you forget all your fatigue. Private beaches for those who want to enjoy the sea for two days on a weekend instead of a day trip.

The above free beaches are next to Istanbul. Go for a day or camp for two or three days.


Alaçatı and Ilıca 5-10 minutes away from the quiet and peace you will be satisfied with a wonderful Bay. Sifne, one of the most sheltered bays in Çeşme, has a warm weather every season of the year. We can say that the Gerence wind has a big impact on this. Sifne Bay is famous for its sea as well as its nearby hot springs... You can photograph the changing colors of the sky in a great way, especially at sunset. It's the perfect getaway to relieve all the stress of your business life with its nice air and calm water.


The beach, which is 24 kilometers from Urla Center, has facilities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, but there are no such big businesses. It's more like a home for bikers, campers and caravans. Quite ideal for silence...


Surrounded by cliffs and private sites, Güvercinlik Bay has managed to maintain its virginity; Alaçatı is located ahead of the surf centers. It is one of the most enjoyable beaches in Alaçatı with its cool and clear water, fun rock shapes and natural cave formations. Although most of the beach is used by residents, it is ideal for avoiding the crowds and noise of Alaçatı.


Çeşme is one of the most popular holiday routes in Turkey. If you think that there is no beach or bay without a beach club in Çeşme, you haven't seen hole Cove yet. The hole Cove in Alaçatı is a cove that is somewhat challenging but can be reached by walking down a short road. 5 km from Port Alaçatı.


Ekincik Bay, one of the main haunt points of boats traveling between Marmaris and Gocek, started to crowd quickly after connecting to Köyceğiz with a wide asphalt road. The beach and the pier area is filled with hotels and hostels big and small. To go to ekincik by road, you proceed from Köyceğiz via Hamitköy by watching the beautiful view of the lake. When you exit from hamitköy and cross the bridge and climb the first long ramp, take a view break on the hill and take a photo if you are curious.


Kabak Bay, which is the perfect place for those who like to camp and set up tents, was thought of as one without a tent. They have great campsites. Also, if you like bungalow houses, the hotels in pumpkin Bay are made of bungalows.

Holiday plans to Turkey were also passed as travel restrictions were lifted. We've been in Turkish houses for a long time, and now it's time to breathe a little. Of course, we still have to follow the rules. Most importantly, we will continue to maintain our social distance and wear masks. I've made a good list to gather some energy and put the coronation days behind us. Enjoy nature or the sea in Turkey paradise.


Beaches in Turkey and Turkish riviera, national parks and gardens are now operational within the set rules. So where are the not-so-crowded addresses where we'll forget the coronation days a little bit? Here are 20 good routes.


Hidden behind the mountains, this hidden paradise, whose beauty was discovered by the pilot of a helicopter involved in the Cyprus peace operation, is perhaps one of the most beautiful, most turquoise parts of Mersin. There are more summer houses in Tisan Bay, where there are many businesses and no accommodation facilities. You can enjoy this hidden paradise in a peaceful way by mingling with the summer people. For accommodation, consider renting from summer houses in the area or 'Tisan Göksu Apart Hotel'


Although it is so close to Bodrum, it is so far away. The calm and the peace of mind is exactly the type of holiday you are looking for this period. You can swim in the azure waters of the 8 sheep it houses and stay in friendly accommodation in the family-run B & B and apartments. Local vegetables and fruits are made from food, each with a beautiful view of each other can be eaten in restaurants. For accommodation, the ‘Castle hostel’ which covers the most beautiful views can be considered.


It's so isolated that even sea turtles come here to breed. Çıralı is a place where you can find the most natural and beautiful forms of the sea-sand-sun trio that are missed during the corona days, which are spent tiresome and stressful. Çıralı, which has protected itself from industrial growth since it is a first and second degree site, is a charming holiday corner that is still not fully explored. In this hidden paradise, you can relax in the shadows of the orange trees and cool off in the turquoise waters. Also add ‘Yanartaş ' which is 3 km away to your list. The ‘Lycia Hotel Ulupınar’ is one of the most beautiful options for accommodation.


Akçakoca, which is about 3 hours away from big cities like Ankara, Istanbul, is one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the Black Sea. It is a beautiful town where you can take a full holiday due to the variety of seafood, not just the coast, but the places to visit around it. As Akçakoca is not yet as famous as the Aegean and Mediterranean resorts, it is very difficult to see the overcrowding. For accommodation you can choose 'Livadi Hotel'.


When you see the Bördübet sign on your way to Datca from Marmaris, know that it will take you to a secret paradise. About 20 minutes from the village road under the pine trees, a turquoise cove hidden behind the silence and a few non-industrial facilities will welcome you. It's one of the most beautiful addresses where you'll have peace in a very short time after the outbreak. ‘Club Amazon’, which sends you out to sea by canoe for accommodation, may be your first choice.


Three-and-a-half hours from Istanbul, one-and-a-half hours from Izmir, 400 meters from the mainland, an Aegean island that most Izmir people do not even know about. After long and boring days in Corona, if you are looking for a quiet yet enjoyable holiday, the unexplored paradise Pen Island awaits you. Turkey's Maldives or the Caribbean deserve its accolades to the fullest thanks to the clear turquoise waters it has. On this island where you may think time has lost meaning, you can rest your weary soul in a beautiful way. The ‘Oliviera Resort’, where you can feel special, is the first and only choice for accommodation. Boğsak Bay, located in the taşucu District of Mersin, is one of the hidden havens with a Blue Flag beach covered with thin sands and tiny pebbles. In Boğsak, where you can enjoy the silence accompanied by the Immaculate air from the Taurus upon which your back rests, you may feel as if you are in quarantine again. It can be a good option, especially for families with children. “Intermot Hotel” may be preferred for accommodation.


If you want to go into a cold sea of water in A Quiet Place and get rid of my sloth from the days of Corona, this is for you. You can find the most beautiful sea of Çanakkale in this bay, which makes you forget yourself before you reach Assos right next to it. As long as you don't mingle with the Assos crowd on a day-to-day basis, Galley Bay awaits you for a holiday with a social distance. You can stay at the ' Assos Dove Hotel.


This is the opportunity to walk into the heart of nature during the days of quarantine, when we miss walking so much. Kavrun plateau, one of the most beautiful plateaus of Rize, is one of the most beautiful places for isolated resorts. This plateau is the closest plateau to kaçkars and you can reach the glacial lakes with nature walks.


Even if you never take a walk, you can be filled with pure air and oxygen. Although there are festivities in August, there is plenty of space for everyone in terms of social distance, so you can have a nice and easy holiday. One of the accommodation alternatives is 'Kaçkar Kavrun chalets', which is located on the Kavrun plateau, and the other is 'Serinyer Chalet', which is not in Kavrun but is still in that area.

Greece's demand for 'Turkey' let it reopen.


How about a holiday in the green, wrapped in the clouds, where there's no one? Pokut plateau in Çamlıhemşin District of Rize is an address that you can forget yourself. This plateau, which is 2,32 meters high, can be filled with oxygen, you can access the Immaculate air that you have been longing for during the quarantine days. A quiet holiday awaits you on this plateau, where transportation is only available by 4x4 vehicles. For accommodation with the most beautiful views; 'Pokut nature guesthouse' may be preferred.


Kaleköy, which is on land but does not have land access, only provides transportation by sea, already offers you a natural isolation with this feature at the very beginning. Transportation to this village in Demre district is made by boats departing from Üçağız district. You can rest your soul in Kaleköy with its Magnificent Castle, narrow streets and bougainvillea hanging from the front of ancient houses. If you wish, you can go to the castle and enjoy the view, or you can join the boat tours. Accommodation advice for this place which hosts different and hidden beauty; ‘Terrace Paradise hostel’.


The first Biosphere area of Turkey, the easternmost part of the Eastern Black Sea, the place that even the Artvinians do not know much about Maçahel... the name of the region consisting of a total of 18 villages is actually Maçahel. 6 of these villages in our country, the rest of which are on the borders of Georgia. The roads of these Yesil villages, each green from each other, remain covered with snow for 4-6 months of the year. As this makes access to the region difficult, it is little affected by human influence. Maçahel region, which never loses its natural beauty, is an alternative to being lost alone in nature. For accommodation, the 'course Macahel Hotel' is one of the most beautiful places.


Turkey's largest island, which is not as mobile as its neighbor Bozcaada, but does not have any problems with this situation. In Gökçeada, which is self-sufficient in all aspects, you can easily find a place within the richness of natural life. Since the region is far from the mainland, it is a rare place that is not corrupted by human pressure, and it is possible to find here the flavors that you miss during your stay at home with the organic agricultural products that are made. Still untouched, it is a perfect fit for sea lovers thanks to its numerous sea-going spots and all kinds of water sport activities. You can use your choice of accommodation on your trip to Gökçeada, where the sun sets the last time in our country, in favour of 'Petrino Gökçeada Hotel & Kitchen'.


No doubt one of the most missed habits during stay at home is the food eaten outside. Of course, Gaziantep is the place where you can find the most beautiful dishes. But there is not only gastronomic tourism in Gaziantep. Rumkale, an hour's drive from the center, is a therapy center waiting for you at the point where the Merzimen Stream meets the Euphrates River, whose walls rise from the waters, in unique harmony with nature. Do not forget to see Rumkale closely with the boat tours waiting for you on the shore. For accommodation, the 'Bey mansion' in Gaziantep is waiting for you in a boutique manner.

The cleanest beaches of Turkey's tourism paradise


If you are looking for one of the corners of paradise in the Aegean, Selimiye is perfect for you. You can forget the quarantine days left behind in a village life that has adapted to tourists. Nature is still untouched because it has not been opened much to mass tourism. You can enjoy the sea on the beaches sprinkled in this pristine nature and enjoy great seafood in the restaurants around. For accommodation, consider 'Solto Selimiye Hotel'.


Küçükkuyu, a tourist town in the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale, has small businesses like its name and small beaches that cannot be crowded. You can find the fresh air you need in Küçükkuyu, located at the foot of the Kaz Mountains, which have the most oxygen-rich forests in the world after the Alps. You can also take a day trip from Küçükkuyu to Kaz Mountains, Assos and Yeşilyurt Village. You can choose your accommodation from the 'Palace Olive Odore Hotel'.


Çavuşin Village is one of the least known places in Cappadocia where it is very lucky to be found in our country. Built beneath a giant block of carved rock, the village still bears traces of the past. You can enjoy a peaceful holiday in the ruins of history in Çavuşin, rather than in other crowded Cappadocia places. In addition, this is one of the most beautiful places in Cappadocia where you can watch hot air balloons. A unique sight awaits you when you reach the summit of the village. For accommodation, the' Phocas Cave Suites ' is one of the most beautiful options.


“Kabak Bay”is the name of the hidden paradise that you will find when you turn your back to the Fethiye crowd and go through the panoramic roads to the mountains and nature for another 33km. One of the protected mountains of the world, Babadag'ın sea slopes between the tucked in this bay, protecting the natural life is at the forefront. It is therefore served by tree houses and campsites rather than industrial hotels. In addition, this bay is on the Lycian Way and the trails around it, you can take the pain of staying at home by taking long walks. You can use your choice of accommodation in favour of the 'Turan Hill Lounge'.


Iğneada, which is the best preserved place in terms of the natural beauty of the region, is an escape point on the Black Sea coast, from which you can reach meandering through the largest longoz forests not only in Turkey but also in Europe. You can soon forget the long quarantine days here. Thanks to its Long Beach, social distances can be maintained and its sea and fine sandy beach can be enjoyed. 'Ijeada Resort Hotel Spa' can be preferred for accommodation in Ijeada, which is 250 km away from Istanbul.


The Gallipoli Peninsula can always come from the Dardanelles saga, let it remain so and let the Kömürlimani be known only by you. This hidden paradise, where you will leave yourself completely to nature, is an isolated holiday destination with its wonderful sea. In Kömürlimanı, which is a tiny bay, you can get tired of the extreme silence. While you are here, you can also visit the historical sites in Gallipoli and throw your fatigue in the cool waters of Kömürlimanı. There is a possibility of camping in the Bay. Those considering hotel accommodation may prefer 'Flora Hotel'. she said Property Turkey Real Estate.