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Turkey Hosted 7.2 Million Foreign Tourists In The First 8 Months Of The 2020 Year

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Quarantine barrier to holiday plans

  • While the Republic of Turkey hosted 7.2 million foreign tourists in the first 8 months of the 2020 year, plans to extend the season for the tourism sector, which has lost 76 per cent, have been mired in the UK's decision to quarantine Turkey.
  • Referring to statements on case and patient numbers, British Transport Minister said on his social media account that Turkey and Poland were removed from the travel corridor list and added to the list of “countries to be quarantined”.
  • Acting on this, the UK's two largest tour operators TUI and Jet2 Turkey began work to cancel the package tour program.

Tourists Expected

  • British tour operators announced the cancellation of package tours with a full refund, while industry representatives in Turkey interpreted the decision as a disappointment.
  • Turkey Hoteliers Association (TÜROB) said that this situation also creates problems for tourism companies in the UK, noted that British tourists also have plans to extend the season in the autumn period.
  • For example Jet2 Holidays in Marmaris had prepared a program and would bring a large number of British tourists to Marmaris by the end of this month.
  • Jet2 Holidays recently increased its flights to Antalya Homes Airport and decided to continue the Marmaris property program until the end of November.
  • Other British companies had similar plans that British tourists can only travel to Turkey and that they are waiting for this decision to be reviewed.

1 in 3 Britons Want Turkey Trip

  • After opening the season with domestic tourists, the sector, which closed with 7.2 million foreign tourists in the first 8 months was aiming to close with 15 million tourists to Turkey at the end of 2020 with an income of 11 billion dollars.
  • This figure is expected to be even lower if flight bans and quarantine processes are put in place. On the other hand, after Spain and Greece remained in the background due to the pandemic, Turkey property market outlook stood out in the markets of Britain, Germany and Russia.
  • In UK research, 30 per cent of total holiday demand in the UK in September was for Turkey. In January August of this year, the number of British tourists arriving in Turkey reached 465 thousand. The leadership in this area is in Germany with 789 thousand 602 tourists.