Turkey Weather

What To Expect From The Climate In Turkey


Although Turkish summers are hot, average temperatures of at least 30°C in coastal areas enjoy cooling sea breezes that reduce the ambient temperatures to a more comfortable level. The summer brings an average of 13 to 14 hours of sunshine each day with very little rainfall.

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Even in autumn, the sea stays warm, and the air temperature can reach averages of up to 26°C only falling to about 21°C in November. As the nights lengthen to daily sunshine reduces to an average of 9 hours.

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Winter in Turkey is characterized by a relatively warm climate with coastal temperatures averaging at 16°C, although the country's interior is noticeably colder, especially in the mountainous regions.


Late spring brings warm, settled weather with the daily average rising to about 22°C inland and about 24°C on the southern Antalya coast and typically 11 hours of sun a day.