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Lifestyle In Turkey

Turkey is a country where its people have a real passion for everything that they do. It also has one of the most influential cultures reaching people on every continent. In Turkey, you will find that people still take part in age-old traditions such as oil wrestling, football, wine making and cooking traditional Turkish recipes.

Across the majority of Turkey, the sun shines all-year-round with an average annual temperature of approx 20 degrees. The hottest months of the year are between April and October, with particularly high temperatures seen in July and August - slightly lower temperatures are found in the winter months.

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While living in Turkey, the Turks have the luxury of warm fantastically temperatures all year round. When combined with that wonderful custom, the Mediterranean lunch in the afternoon, followed a by late dinner and socializing with friends until the early hours, it makes it possible for the people of Turkey to enjoy almost every day in a way that most of us can only dream about.

Not surprisingly, the Turkish lifestyle has wide appeal to people of all ages and social groups which is no doubt why 35,000 Britons have decided to buy properties in Turkey. In the past, Turkey was seen as a country where people relocated to after they had retired, however, research now suggests that the age of people buying property in Turkey is dropping, indicating that more and more younger people are now moving there. In fact, a lot of people have found great success in setting up their own businesses there.

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When it comes to property, there are many options available to people choosing a property to buy in Turkey, though there are inevitably, positive and negative points to consider as a buyer before making a final decision. Buying an apartment can provide peace of mind because with neighbors all around, security is not so much of a problem. Moreover, one would probably find that most of one's neighbors would be Turkish. Apartments are generally cheap to purchase and easy to sell when necessary, but they can lack privacy and the surroundings can be noisy as other apartments will be close by. Duplexes tend to be a good option if the property is to be used as a holiday-home investment as these are also fairly reasonably priced for purchase.

Detached properties are more expensive to purchase but they do offer a quieter environment and privacy, as the next property will be some distance from your own. Traditional town houses are normally found close to all of the amenities you would need and modern business workers would benefit from living in this type of property. Country Mansions are thought to be the ultimate relaxation home, as they are located away from the hustle and bustle of the town centers but they can sometimes come with a fee for refurbishments.

Although over the last decade, it is known that the cost of properties has increased, the cost of living in Turkey is still considerably lower than in the UK and the rest of Europe.

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