Turkish House Sale Report Jan Oct 2014

Foreigner Housing Sales Passed 15.000 This Year From 2014 Jan-Oct

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According to the information collected by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) the residential sales data from October, shows more interest in Real Estate sales by foreigners. This year's 2014 January-October period in residential sale to foreigners during the same period last year rose 66% compared to 15 thousand and 417 has been reached. During the same period in residential sale to Foreigners in 2013 was 9 thousand and 284. whereas 2014 increased by 6 thousand and 133 more housing have been sold to foreigners.

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When this year's ten-month residential sales foreigners is taken into account, the monthly shows an average of more than 1500 homes were purchased. The 2013 ten-month period in the year to the end of year sale real estate to foreigners, while 27 per cent last year to 12 thousand and 181 homes have been sold. This year's 10 homes sold to foreigners in the last year's sales of 3 236 was passed.

Housing purchased by foreigners, is observed that from the houses of last year, about half of which are sold in Antalya, which is followed by interest in foreigners from Antalya to Istanbul, Bursa.

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January of this year, and October in Istanbul, number of houses sold to foreigners last year increased by 166 percent compared to 707% of the 4 thousand from rose to 546% to the end of the last year, has increased by 86 per cent. Selling real estate to Foreigners this year in the same period of the last year to the increase in the more than 2 thousand 839 was in Istanbul. The city of a thousand 100 is around Antalya, Bursa and Sakarya was followed.

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Residential sale to Foreigners in October this year by October last year rose by 77 per cent compared to 2,000 thousand from 21% to 857% higher. In October compared to the previous month a residential sale to foreigners is 3 per cent.

Antalya selling residential real estate to Foreigners does wrapped up this year's 10 months in the first place, last year's January and October compared to sales up 25 per cent. In Antalya, 4 thousand and 546 thousand houses were sold, Istanbul Aydin Mugla and Mersin, followed by 641 around the records show.

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Real Estate professionals, foreigners in Turkey real estate claims that it will continue. Housing demand by foreigners in both Investment and residents expressed that is aimed at professionals, especially in the Northern European countries in Antalya, Turkey, the Arab countries who prefer Black Sea and Marmara regions that they were recording.

Major cities urban transformation projects that foreigners who expressed special interest industry representatives, urban transformation of Istanbul's main engine, the 3th, the bridge to the 3rd airport, with large projects in selling Real Estate who is a step-by-forward to new international investments.

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