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Turkish Tourism and Property Sales Gets High Boost After Russia Crisis Ends

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After the Russian ban on tourism, farm product exports and property sales there had been a drop in all sectors with sorrow sales. After seven months passed, Russia lifts all bans on Turkey, where in the first three days there has been a boost on incoming tourists and a reward back to the foreigner sales real estate sector in Antalya.

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According to out media reports, within the Russian tourism market, Turkey is back to the top destination for Russians, rising it to the 1st place within only three days after the lift of the ban. Ticket sales on flights to Turkey from internet sources has immediately raised almost 30%. The largest concern for Turkey tour operators remains on the reservation cancels from before where further concerns has ended since last week.

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While Russian tours to Turkey amazingly increased, 1 day after the ban lift, holiday package sales boosted 6.8% on Friday, followed by increase to 38.8% on Saturday and Sunday showed 35.6% more up trend. Along with the tourist increase Antalya has been the top destination in Turkey, offering sun, sea and sand for the average holiday maker and for real estate buyers..

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Turkish Property World local agent offering Antalya vacation rentals, claims to have seen a high request on vacant booking since last Friday. The statement made earlier 'The Turkey-Russia pro ban lift has been good for both sides. Russian tourists have come back to the traditional Turkish hospitality that they have missed the most. We have seen a significant rental increase from Russians as furnished apartments bookings have risen to 42.4% with the most increase, followed by villa rentals at 21.1%'.

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Along with the World Expo world event continuing to take place in Antalya, the rental sector in Kemer, Alanya and Antalya has been alive again, actually getting back to normal levels. Antalya Property Rentals and Hotel bookings this year has been up 43.5%, compared to figures last year.

The paradise regions that the Russians like in Antalya has been along the Mediterranean sea side and blue coastal areas including Kas, Kalkan and Fethiye. While 30,000 Russia citizens already have purchased apartments and villas in Antalya, there has small jump in sales already. This is a clearly indication that the Antalya market will remain the favorite choice among many Russians to come.