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Top 20 Countries Where Most Turks Live In The World 2020

20 countries where most Turks live, here is the list of the startling report

It is not known whether it is because of the nomadic spirit that comes from the ancestors of the Turks, it is known that they have established jobs and families in many parts of the world. So how many Turks live in which country? What country do most Turks live in? Here are the 20 countries where most Turks live, according to foreign ministry data.

Not only in certain countries, but in many countries of the world, there are a great number of Turks. According to the chart covering 152 countries, 5 million Turkish citizens live abroad have been identified. Here are the top 20 countries on the list.


Norway, one of the most exclusive countries in Northern Europe, is known for its economic prosperity and for its natural beauty. Many waterfalls and architecture, housing every shade of green the number of Turks living in the country: 21 thousand.


Georgia, which has attracted attention with its entertainment and nightlife in recent years, also offers different alternatives in areas such as nature, history, art and taste. The calm and peaceful air of the country, the cheapness and the benevolence of the people is among the features that make this place attractive. Number of Turks in Georgia: 22 thousand.


With its close proximity to Turkey, Greece and the islands are among the preferences of Turkish holiday lovers. Many Turks living in the country where all the beauties of the Mediterranean climate are experience dare available. Number of Turks in Greece: 25 thousand.


Russia is 17th on the list. The number of Turks living in the country is 40 thousand.

16 - ITALY

Italy has a different culture and history at every point. In the south the sea, the sand, the taste of the sun, fashion in Milan, exploration among the canals in Venice, the streets of Florence delicious Italian food stands out. There has also been an increase in the number of Turks settling in Italy in recent years. Number of Turks in the country: 50 thousand.


The visa application between Turkey and Azerbaijan has been lifted as of 1 September 2019. This has been a great opportunity to explore the beauty that lies next to us. Easy access to Azerbaijan, it is very similar to us in its culture, language, religion, food, customs and Customs. Baku in particular is more prominent with its culture and art tourism, and the city lives 24 hours a day. Many Turks in the country are available. Number of Turks in the country: 55 thousand.


Bulgaria is 14th on the list. Number of Turks in the country: 60 thousand


There are 60 thousand Turkish citizens in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. They settled in various parts of the country. The majority of the 60 thousand are construction workers and restaurateurs, barbershops, auto he works as a mechanic, furniture guy. Some also work as doctors, teachers and engineers.


Sweden, one of the most developed countries in Scandinavia, leads in many scientific and technological developments as well as its quality in education. More than half are covered with forests, large and small the country, which has more than a hundred thousand lakes, takes its name from the severe tribes who lived in the region before ad. Sweden, which has managed to make its guests happy with its sights and attractions the number of Turks in the country: 62,500


Canada, one of the countries with the least racial and class distinction, is also favoring respect in social relations. A country with a wonderful nature has also come from all over the world people can live together they. Number of Turks in the country: 70 thousand.


Given the climatic conditions, Danes have no reason to be happy. Sightseeing and seeing in Denmark, which is known as a major destination hub in Europe the value includes many cultural-arts and entertainment centers. The number of Turkish Turks in Denmark, which is one of the highest countries of happiness: 75 thousand.


Switzerland, famous for its scientists, is one of the happiest countries in the world. Switzerland is one of the world's leading countries in the banking and finance sector. they are satisfied. Number of Turks in the country: 130 thousand.


One or two cities from Australia are usually included in the list of the most livable cities in the world. In the country where people of many cultures live peacefully and happily, in terms of history and culture there are also many places that matter. Number of Turks in the country: 150 thousand.


The majority of Turks in Belgium emigrated to the country in the 1960s with the intention of working. Over time, the number of people who went and settled has increased. Number of Turks in the country: 240 thousand. Also an interesting one in Belgium.

There is also a Turkish village. The village of Faymonville has an interesting feature that makes you forget all the villages you know. Because this village is a 'Turkish village' even though no Turk lives commemorated. It is also still not known for certain where it got its Turkish name.


Sixth on the list is Austria. Number of Turks in the country: 250 thousand.

5 - USA

New York, California, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Illinois are the states where Turks live most extensively in the United States. Paterson, New York, Miami, Chicago, The Turks are the majority in Boston and Los Angeles. Number of Turks in the country: 300 thousand.


The number of Turks in the UK ranked fourth in the list is 400 thousand.


The Netherlands, known for its cheerful capital Amsterdam, has a quiet, benevolent and Happy public. 12 provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, consisting of Ruba, Churaçao, Sint Marteen and the Netherlands it continues to welcome its visitors, with 61 cities forming. Number of Turks in the country: 500 thousand.


Second on the list is France. Number of Turks in the country: 700 thousand


Top of the list is Germany. Number of Turks in the country: 2 million.