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Holiday In Corona Outbreak And Turkish Villa To Rent

Those who were unable to leave their homes in Turkey during the outbreak, which took effect around the world due to the corona virus, to search for places to holiday in Turkey has begun with the lifting of the ban starting in May 2020. At the beginning hotels were preferred instead of Villas, Bungalows, apartments and camping. However due to the fact that the rules on sea and pool access and holiday centers have not yet been fully determined, holidaymakers have been trying to call facilities by phone and get information and book a place.

Once the rules are set, there will be an explosion for rental houses in Turkey. The overnight rates for Turkish villas are not cheap either, as a duplex holiday villa by the sea with sea views with a pool for two families costs between 1.000 and 1.500 Turkish Lira per night.

Even if the prohibitions are lifted, citizens who want to take a vacation without leaving their hands, are counting the days to take a Turkish vacation in areas that are sensitive to being isolated and maintaining social distance, and that give importance to hygiene.

Therefore, Muğla Marmaris, Datca, Fethiye (Kabak Bay, Faralya, Ovacık, Gocek) Ortaca (Dalyan) Villas, Bungalows, apartments and camping are now very much in demand for the upcoming summer season. The hotel facilities state that the phones are not ringing but the operators complain that no one wants to book a place because the holiday conditions are not determined exactly yet. Inter-provincial travel in Turkey is expected to resume from 3rd of June 2020.


Corona virus no longer want to experience a problem with the domestic and foreign tourists who prefer villas and boutique hotels and apartments instead of large 5 star beach hotels, as the region is also very natural. There are lots of Turkish villas to rent, in terms of apart hotels in Turkey and small family hotels, everything that tourists prefer is available in Dalyan. There will be a possibility to make a holiday from June 15 until October, with the conditions of the holiday and accommodation in Turkey being certain. There is serious demand, but conditions are still yet expected. All measures have been taken at the accommodation facilities. Gocek, Marmaris rural neighborhoods, Bodrum villas and apartments are in the same situation.


The UK Telegraph newspaper ranking of the Top 10 holiday destinations includes Turkey our country for its readers that will also be effective in terms of foreign tourism impact. The list includes Alanya, Çıralı, Patara, Kalkan, Antalya Lara, side, Oludeniz from Muğla, Dalyan and Alaçatı from Izmir as when we look at these places, there are plenty of places like beach villas, luxury apartments and bungalows as well as cheaper camping available.

Foreign tourists are expected come to these regions after the mutual flight agreements between the countries. 12 km long Patara Beach and 6 km the length of the Iztuzu beaches in terms of the corona virus outbreak is more fortunate in the name of maintaining social distance to vacation safely.


Camping Tourism started with huts built on trees in the end of 1980s with a single camping in Fethiye district of Muğla has developed greatly in the last 10 years and currently has 55 camping facilities, villas and apartments in Kabak Bay.

Before the end of the season last year all the rooms in the region have sold, the valleys, Alader waterfalls, and walking trails of the Lycian civilization with a history of thousands of years, the presence of the footpath to pristine turquoise waters the region is among the more preferred places to holiday and rent in Turkey.

All bookings had been cancelled due to the virus outbreak. With travel bans lifted, phones won't stop ringing. There is a lot of calls from all over the country and those who reach out via social media. Information is being received at this time because it is not yet known exactly what the conditions of accommodation and holidays will be. Everyone wants to book a place, after the conditions are determined to turn it into a reservation.


In addition, there are about one hundred camping and villas in the area from Kabak Bay to Ölüdeniz. Faralya Bay, Belcekiz Beach and Lycian Way, where the valley of the Butterflies is located are some of the features that make the region famous. Turkish villa and bungalow type accommodation facilities in the region have taken every precaution so far.

As Turkey facilities intend to open on 1st of June 2020 there is also tent and caravan tourism in the Aegean region. Starting from TL 100 per person per day, the luxury facilities are available at much higher prices. As some bungalows even have a Jacuzzi on their balconies, people throw off their unease as soon as they get information about the facilities,because social distance is maintained everywhere already the region is naturally isolated.

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